Nurses, Carers and Onsite Health Services

 The information below is an extract and summary of more detailed information which is provided to all new residents at Alloura Waters by the Care Team.This webpage deals with medical related services that are available onsite and within the village. 

On this website there is also a webpage that outlines external medical related health services that are available. Please CLICK HERE to go to that webpage.  

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Care at Alloura Waters
At Alloura Waters we have an excellent and experienced Care Team that consists of a Care Manager, Registered Nurses (RNs) and Carers. Together we provide 24-hour medical assistance and assist with the general welfare of all residents.
Care Manager/RNs:
The Care Manager or Registered Nurse will be on duty Monday to Friday (except for public holidays). You will meet one of us on the day you move in and we will explain the Emergency Call System and Resident Information Program.  If you are unwell, require wound care, are about to undergo surgery or have been discharged from hospital, please do not hesitate to contact us at the office on Tel: 02 43632833. For after hour’s assistance, other than emergencies, please call the office number and you will be automatically transferred to the Carer on duty.
The Care Manager, also a Registered Nurse, can co-ordinate domestic / personal care assistance, meal services and My Aged Care Assessments as required The Care Manager is also responsible for the standards of care and services delivered to residents by Alloura Waters Care Staff. Our aim is to support, identify and facilitate services for your aging care needs to the highest of standards.
In the case of a medical emergency please press the red Emergency Call/Help Button.
Tuesday Exercise Classes:   Exercise classes are on Tuesdays at 11am-11:45am and are run by the Care Manager or RN on duty. These sessions are based around low impact exercises that increase balance, bone and muscle strength. There is no floor work and the exercises cater to all abilities. Many of the exercises are done in and with the support of a chair.   You are invited to come and join in! This is a free service provided by Alloura Waters.
Blood Pressure Clinic: Alloura Waters offer a monthly blood pressure clinic to residents, there is no fee attached to this service. Attending the clinic is a good way to keep a regular check of your blood pressure and twice a year we also offer Blood Sugar Level Testing-June and December clinics.
Details   -1st Friday of every month
              – Coffee Room Waterfront 10am -11am
              – Community Centre Dining Room 1pm-3pm.
Our Carers at Alloura Waters provide after hour’s emergency coverage for the Village, This includes weekends and public holidays . The Carers are onsite to provide prompt attention in the event of ANY EMERGENCY as well as personal and domestic care when required. Carers test the Emergency Call System every 3 months plus are responsible for the general cleaning of the village common areas.  They are highly valued members of the Care Team and general staff.
All Carers have experienced nursing backgrounds and hold a Certificate III in Aged Care Nursing.  All have their Senior First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation Certificates and attend regular in-service programs on wound care and oxygen therapy. At Alloura Waters we strive for the highest standard of care for all our residents.
RNs and Carers carry oxygen, a cardiac defibrillator and First Aid equipment to all emergencies.
Emergency call visits do not incur a fee. A  fee for personal, wound or domestic care by an RN or Carer is charged after 2 visits for the same service.
Each property has two (2) Emergency Call Buttons. These call buttons are linked to the Registered Nurse/Carer’s office. In addition, if residents wish they may purchase a pendant activator which may be worn whilst in their property.  The maintenance of the pendant is the resident’s responsibility.
In the case of any emergency such as maintenance, fire, disaster, break–in or accident issues   firmly press the activator of either the fixed or pendant emergency call alert.  Immediately after the emergency call has been activated you will be telephoned by a member of the external Response Team to determine the nature of the emergency. They will then phone the Alloura Waters Care Staff member (RN or Carer) on call to attend to you.
Staff will instruct you on the use of the Emergency Call System when you take up occupation.  Information on the use of the Emergency Call System will be provided regularly. You will not be charged for an Emergency Call Button activation
If you have accidentally pressed the Emergency Call Button, please inform the Response Team when they ring.
Emergency Call activators are also situated in common areas around the complex such as the toilets, kitchen, library, billiard area, Work Shed and swimming pool areas.  It is important to familiarise yourself where these activators are located.
Village Care  regular tests the Emergency Call System to ensure the integrity of the system and replace batteries yearly.
A Confidential Client Resident Information sheet plus a Confidential Medical Report will be issued to all residents for completion before arrival in the village. The Medical report will be completed by your current GP. This medical information and the personal information you provide on the Confidential Client sheet will be entered into our secure database.   A Resident Information Sheet (RIS) is then printed for our records and for you to keep. The purpose of this form is to have a record of your details which will be readily available to staff or paramedical personnel who may attend to you in the case of an emergency.
This sheet should be kept in the butter keeper of your fridge. The responsibility to advise Care Staff of any changes to this information rests with the resident.
Living Choice Home Care can arrange the delivery of a range of domestic and home care services in the comfort of your own home.
If you have a Government subsidised Home Care Package, you have the opportunity to transfer your package from your current Provider to Living Choice Home Care.
Please contact the care staff via the office with any enquiries, we will be more than happy to assist you.

(Please note: There is no visiting GP doctor service to the village except for privately arranged home visits to individuals.)