Village Gardens

October 20202

Chris & Ted Castle have sent in this photo of Proteas in their front garden.
Looking good there…

October 2020

OK.. how did this happen??

Who has noticed the brilliant single large display of “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrows” in our garden bed half way along Davistown Road?? It seems to be placed too hard up against an existing tree to have been intentionally planted there.. What a mystery..


September 2020

Dianne reports that spring has also sprung over at the Waterfront. Here is a fine display of local Daffodils

11th August 2020

Now here is a challenge hard to ignore. Dianne Fergusson writes on  a recent rainy day;

” ………It may be gloomy today but I took this collage a few days ago to show some of the lovely Gardens to see in our village. They are all in front gardens and I hope they have not been damaged with this wind and rain. I would like to offer a bottle of bubbly to the first person to email me with the Villa numbers where these are situated. My email address is; difergusson@
Regards, Dianne……..”

So go to it Allourians, take up the challenge!!! 

July 2020

Di has sent in this nice photo of a village flower bed and is convinced that this is a sign that Spring is on the way. Let us hope that it is not too long before our gardens begin to blossom again.

July 2020

After a little bit of disruption and delay due to the Coronavirus lockdown, the Japanese themed garden in the courtyard at the Centre has finally been completed with the installation of a new fountain. The next time you are passing take the time to pause and admire the new addition, it really is quite calming. Well done Mirabel and Trudy.


December 2019

Barrie sent in this photo  and advises;

“….it is a giant cactus in my front garden and it only flowers during the the have to get up early to see it because by lunch time it has drooped. When I lived in the old house it often had twenty or thirty blooms ….”


November 2019

Barbara is once again loving the gardens at this time of year….


November 2018

It has been a while since we posted some photos of our general village gardens, but there have been many comments that they are looking spectacular this year. A “well done” goes to our wonderful gardening staff..

Barbara recently sent in this photo but I am sure that there must be some more “gems” out there;

May 2016

Rosemary C sent in these photos but it was difficult to decide whether to post them in this section or on the “Village Wildlife” page. Is that a Dinosaur I see??

1605 Dino plant2
Love the hat!!!
1605 Dino plant1
Looks scary.
October 2014

Martina Zalm has provided these photographs taken around our village

Our herb Garden near the Community Centre
Our herb Garden near the Community Centre

Thanks go to Yocham Zalm for his many hours of toil to bring us this great array of herbs.

Beth Ruggs Corner
Beth Ruggs Corner
September 2014

To quote that famous saying….

               “Spring has sprung, the flowers are riz…. I wonder where the birdies is??” 

Our village gardens are starting to show good signs of coming out of their winter slump… here are some very early signs and of course there will be many more to follow…..

The entrance roadway
The entrance roadway
The Roys corner
The Roys corner
Robin is heading the pack so far
Robin is heading the pack so far
Ah.. the roses
Ah.. the roses
Carols pride 2
Carols pride
Carols pride 2
Another Carols pride
Even the insects are hard at work....
Even the insects are hard at work….

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