Mothers Day and Fathers Day


This year Mothers Day fell very close to one of our regular “Have a Chat” morning teas. To reduce the workload on our hard working Social Committee members it was decided to have a combined function on the 11th May which included a few Dads that usually turn up for the regular monthly “Have a Chat” morning tea gatherings.

Around 40 residents attended and once again the Ladies on the Social Committee provided a delicious assortment of cakes, slices and of course scones with lashings of jam and cream (thanks Lorraine).
Wow.. that does look a feast..

There were 10 lucky door prizes provided by an anonymous resident.
(HHMMM… I wonder who that could be??? ED)

Gill was kept busy handing out the door prize tickets…

A special touch to the morning was provided by Avril in the form of a small hand made posie of flowers to all of the ladies who attended.

Another great morning in our wonderful village.
Thank you to all who helped on the day

After a rather subdued 2020 due to Covid restrictions, 2021 thankfully has seen a return to near normal levels of activity in the village. We were recently once again able to have a Mothers Day morning tea to celebrate all of the wonderful mothers we have as fellow residents.

2105 Mothers Day1

2105 Mothers Day3

A very nice selection of scrumptious eats was provided by our social committee ladies. And of course there was much “chatting” and catching up to be done.

2105 Mothers Day62105 Mothers Day72105 Mothers Day8

It was then time for the raffle to be drawn.

2105 Mothers Day9

and here is one of the lucky winners.

2105 Mothers Day10

And then some more “chatting”…..

2105 Mothers Day112105 Mothers Day12

Unfortunately, there was no craft stall this year but Robin still presented her plant stall which was a great success and a great money raiser for residents funds. Here are just a few of the plants prepared by Robin.

2105 Plant stall62105 Plant stall52105 Plant stall42105 Plant stall32105 Plant stall22105 Plant stall1

AH.. it is certainly nice to get back to some sort of normality……


No Activity due to Covid-19

Men’s Lunch (Fathers Day) 2019

Following on from the Ladies Morning Tea earlier this year, the Social Committee decided to hold this years Men’s Lunch event in our Centre. We were lucky enough to have a glorious sunny day so were able to move outside to the pavilion area. A barbecue lunch was the order of the day and both of our barbecues were fired up then expertly handled by Ken and John.

Ken & John hard at it

The Social Committee ladies supplied the salads and also some yummy bread and butter pudding for afters.

After a lot of chat, and just a few drinks, lunch was served.

Once again, the Social Committee and their helpers did a superb job and hosted another successful event here in our village.. what would we do without them???

                                                                  WELL DONE LADIES


Ladies Morning Tea (Mothers Day), 2019

This year it was decided to hold the annual Ladies Morning Tea, to celebrate Mothers Day, in our Centre after using outside venues in previous years. Although this does involve a lot of work for the members of the Social Committee it was all hands on deck and they pitched in to make the day a huge success.
In fact, most of the cooking of cakes and other goodies was done within the village by residents and only a small amount was purchased from outside.
(Your webmaster was so impressed with the treats on offer that he asked where he was sitting and was promptly thrown out. Well, it was worth a try… but he did manage to sample some leftovers later..YUM )

The photos below give an idea of the range of delicious treats on offer.

After setting up the tables the Social Committee had a quick break before the guests began to arrive.

One final quick check by Pat, the Convenor, and it was time to get the show on the road.

Here are few photos of our ladies enjoying the event.

The morning was capped off by the drawing of the raffles and there were several lucky winners.

Here are the two Pats (both called Pat). Pat on the left won
the raffle prize parcel kindly donated by Blooms the Chemist of Saratoga.

Lorraine was thrilled to win the quilt donated by our village quilting group.

The event was declared a big success  by those attending and our Social Committee members can well be proud of their efforts.. especially those involved in the cooking..

Well done to all involved
Ladies High Tea (Mothers Day) 2018

Friday 11th May 2018 saw around 45 ladies from the village head over to the RSL Club next door to enjoy a Ladies High Tea to celebrate Mothers Day. Lots of yummy food and the chance of a good chat resulted in a very enjoyable morning.

Those scones look especially good.

The Social Sub Committee members saw to it that everyone was settled…

And then settled in to also enjoy the morning..

Here are a few pics of those attending….

Of course, there was a nice door prize for a lucky winner.

Pat is ready to conduct the draw.

And the lucky winner was????????

Well done Leonie!!!
Thanks to the Social Sub Committee for another very enjoyable function.
Gentlemens Lunch (Fathers Day) 2017

Friday 1st September 2017, (which is NOT actually the first day of spring by the way but we had a good time anyway) saw 31 men from the village head over to the RSL club next door for a Fathers Day luncheon.

We were met at the door by several ladies from the Social Committee who had organised the day for us and were handed tickets for a complimentary drink and a door prize ticket.

It was not long before there were many tales, tall and true, being passed back and forth while everyone settled in..

The Bangers and Mash with a very tasty Onion Gravy, followed by chocolate cake went down a treat and Hamish was lucky enough to take out the door prize.

After lunch it fell to Bob to regale us with a few of his prized “men only” jokes. He soon had the crowd laughing.

Is that an evil glint in Bobs eye as he tells his finale joke….

A good time had by all………. Thanks Ladies….


Ladies High Tea (Mothers Day) 2017
**Note: as this was a Ladies Only function your reporter was not personally present other than to briefly take some photos. This report has been compiled largely from comments received after the event.
The Venue

On Friday 19th May 2017, over 60 of our residents headed across to the Davistown RSL for a much anticipated Ladies High Tea to celebrate Mothers Day. This event was organised as a change from the usual Mothers Day Luncheon in the Centre.

The assembled crowd..
Yummy scones..

A wide selection of fresh scones with jam and cream, assorted sandwiches and fresh fruit platters were available.

Very tempting..

Here are just some of those enjoying the morning out…

Of course there were a couple of lucky people who won the door prize draw..

The first lucky winner
And the second winner

Here are a few more happy attendees

Carol reports that the RSL staff did a great job looking after our residents.

Thanks go to the RSL staff..

And that was our Mothers Day function for 2017… I wonder what is lined up for Fathers Day later this year???


Gentlemens Lunch (Fathers Day) 2016

After the successful Ladies Lunch earlier this year it was time for the reciprocal Gentlemens Lunch for 2016 which took place on Friday 9th September. Around 40 gentlemen arrived in anticipation of a great meal arranged by the Social Committee ladies and some helpers.

The ladies certainly worked hard setting up the dining area.


Pay here Gentlemen
Pay here Gentlemen

Pat (on the left) assisted Rosemary (on the right) with the collection of the entry fees. Thats Gloria in the middle who operated the bar almost single handed so that the men on the Bar Committee could attend the lunch.
Hang on.. whats is Rosemary wearing on her head and around her neck??? And what are those markings on her face??

1609-mens-lunch04 1609-mens-lunch05 1609-mens-lunch06 1609-mens-lunch07

Oh, I see.. The Social Committee ladies decided to dress up as Alloura Kittens.
( Is that a local variation on the “Playboy Bunnies” theme??)


Right you.. sit over there..
Right… you sit over there..

Carol worked the “front of house” to ensure that everything ran smoothly while others got stuck into preparing the lunch out in the kitchen.

Boy, that is a whole lot of carrots and corn.
Almost ready to go
Beans with that Sir??

The main course was Roast Beef, Roast Chicken, Gravy, Chat Potatoes, Carrots, Corn,  Green Beans and a selection of condiments.
This was followed by sweets. A delicious home made Bread and Butter Pudding, Fresh Cream and Ice Cream was requested by almost all of the diners and is becoming something of a tradition around here. There was Apple Pie for the few who did not fancy the Bread and Butter Pudding.
To finish off, there was Tea and Coffee and a very nice after dinner Port.

And I can confirm that it was indeed a great meal…

Here is just a small selection of happy diners as they arrived…

1609-mens-lunch14 1609-mens-lunch15 1609-mens-lunch16 1609-mens-lunch17 1609-mens-lunch18 1609-mens-lunch19 1609-mens-lunch20 1609-mens-lunch21 1609-mens-lunch22 1609-mens-lunch23 1609-mens-lunch24 1609-mens-lunch25 1609-mens-lunch26 1609-mens-lunch28 1609-mens-lunch29 1609-mens-lunch30 1609-mens-lunch31 1609-mens-lunch27

To finish of the event, the Ladies were called out so that the Gentlemen could show their appreciation for a fine meal..


WELL DONE LADIES… We look forward to doing it all again next year.
(especially that delicious Bread & Butter Pudding).


Ladies Lunch (Mothers Day) 2016

Continuing the tradition, this years Ladies Lunch (Mothers Day) for 2016 was a great success and was well attended. All of the available seats were fully booked very quickly.

We were a bit short of men this year due to a number of cases of last minute ill health but the ones that were available did a stirling job pampering the ladies and making them feel special on this, their special day. The ladies of the Social Comittee also did a good job setting up, cooking the veggies and manning the serving points. In the meantime the guys fetched the main meals for those ladies that were not very mobile, served all of the sweets, fetched cups of tea for those that wanted them and cleared away the tables after the meals were over. It was a good combined effort.

The calm before the storm
The calm before the storm.. Looks nice eh???
Pat and Leonie waiting to register the arrivals.
Pat and Leonie waiting to register the arrivals.
And here are the Waiters for the day..
Here are the Waiters for the day..
And here are the boys of the bar staff..
And we must not forget the boys of the bar staff who also contributed….
The Social Committee ladies preparing the food..
The Social Committee ladies hard at work behind the scenes preparing the food..

And right on time the diners arrived for pre lunch drinks..

1605 Ladies Day Lunch07 1605 Ladies Day Lunch06

And then it was time to move into the dining area..

1605 Ladies Day Lunch08 1605 Ladies Day Lunch09

1605 Ladies Day Lunch10

The main course was Roast Beef, Roast Turkey, Gravy, Boiled Potatoes, Corn, Carrots and Beans and a large range of condiments were available.. This was followed by sweets of Apple Pie with Strawberries and Cream and Ice Cream as well. Yum!!!

1605 Ladies Day Lunch111605 Ladies Day Lunch12

1605 Ladies Day Lunch14

The waiters circulated around helping those not so mobile where needed by fetching their meals from the serving point. It is rumoured that some quite capable ladies actually took an unfair advantage and had the men running around fetching them meals and drinks… (They wouldnt do that would they???)

1605 Ladies Day Lunch15 1605 Ladies Day Lunch16

To finish off the day, Rosemary provided some “live” mothers day music entertainment…

A very pleasant lunch was had by all… And of course the boys are looking forward to the ladies reciprocating later in the year for Fathers Day…..

Gentlemens Lunch (Fathers Day) 2015

After the Ladies Lunch for Mothers Day earlier this year, where the ladies were waited on by the men, the ladies of the village reciprocated and waited on the men at a Gentlemens Lunch for Fathers Day.

Dining tables all set up ready to go...
Dining tables all set up and ready to go…

Not to be outdone by the men who dressed up for the ladies lunch (see report below this one), the ladies also dressed up for this occasion. Were the men surprised to suddenly find themselves waited on by a group of Playboy Bunnies??? You Betcha… and they enjoyed every minute of it.

The Head Bunny
The Head Bunny
The bunnies were complete with cotton tails...
All of the bunnies were complete with cotton tails…
The other bunnies...
The bunny crew all ready to serve!!!…

The delicious lunch menu consisted of a main course of roast beef/roast chicken combination with jacket potatoes, and fresh carrots, green beans and broccoli… The desert, by popular demand was Bread and Butter Pudding with strawberries, fresh cream and ice cream but for those who did not fancy that,  there was an alternative of Apple Pie and cream and ice cream.

Of course, as with any event like this there are always those that toil quietly “front of house” as well as behind the scenes.. here are but a few..

1508 Mens Lunch08 1508 Mens Lunch09 1508 Mens Lunch07

Some of the men took the title “Gentlemens Lunch” literally and dug out their old suits and neck ties while the rest of us were far more sensible.

1508 Mens Lunch11

This fine gentleman had the excuse that he wanted to give an old business suit a run to see if he could still fit into it....

This fine looking gentleman had the excuse that he wanted to give an old suit a run to see if he could still fit into it.. He actually did, and looked very dapper too…..

The normal male bar staff had a day off..
Our male members of the bar crew had the day off to enjoy their lunch..
While the lone female of the bar committee soldiered on alone..
While the lone female member of the bar crew soldiered on alone..

What a trouper, our lone female bar crew member gave the male members the day off to enjoy their lunch… and she did such a magnificent job someone was inclined to ask if that means the work of one woman is worth that of three men any day??? Your reporter politely declined to comment on that…

And here is a selection of us enjoying a pre lunch tipple..

1508 Mens Lunch13 1508 Mens Lunch14 1508 Mens Lunch15 1508 Mens Lunch16 1508 Mens Lunch17 1508 Mens Lunch18 1508 Mens Lunch19 1508 Mens Lunch20 1508 Mens Lunch21 1508 Mens Lunch22 1508 Mens Lunch23 1508 Mens Lunch24

Lunch is ready, lets go..
Lunch is ready, lets go..

And then we got down to the main part of the day.. LUNCH…

1508 Mens Lunch27 1508 Mens Lunch26 1508 Mens Lunch25

Without doubt,  a superb lunch put on by the ladies which was most appreciated.

THANKS TO ALL THE LADIES for their hard work… you did such a great job that we may just come back again next year…


Ladies Lunch (Mothers Day) 2015

On Thursday 7th April 2015 a group of over 50 residents attended a “ladies lunch” in the Centre instigated by Carol Peel through the Social Sub-Committee. As the name suggests, it was restricted to the ladies of the village generally but the main motivation was to acknowledge Mothers Day. (This reporter understands that a similar function will be arranged for the men nearer to Fathers Day.)

The Social Sub-Committee members did a great job setting up the tables..
The Social Sub-Committee members did a great job setting up the tables..
And several then took a well deserved break..
And several then took a well deserved break..
1505 Ladies Lunch3
Great tucker eh??

1505 Ladies Lunch4

1505 Ladies Lunch5 1505 Ladies Lunch7 1505 Ladies Lunch8

The boys acted as waiting staff again..
The very handsome waiting staff…….

Another great day out in our village….

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  1. Another successful event organized by Carol and her Ladies. Congratulations. Many thanks also to the Gentlemen who came along and helped.

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