Xmas Day in the Village

Xmas Day 2021

Traditionally, one of our Carers, Rose, has hosted a Xmas lunch in the Centre for anyone who wants to turn up on the day. Unfortunately, Rose has moved on from the village but the lovely Michelle stepped up to take her place and we had a great Xmas day in the Centre once again. What a great bunch of Carers we have in our village.

Your reporter only visited for a short time but it was obvious that everyone was enjoying themselves.

Thanks Michelle, we hope that you carry on the tradition in future years.
Xmas Day 2020

Despite the COVID restrictions Rose once again hosted her Xmas Day celebrations in the Centre and got a good sized group along.
Unfortunately, no one seemed to take any photos but the verbal reports seem to confirm that it was basically a repeat of, and just as enjoyable as, last years event.

So once again, Well done Rose…


Xmas Day 2019

A big vote of thanks goes to our Staff Carer, Rose, who voluntary accepted the Xmas day shift and, for the second year running, hosted a Xmas luncheon for those residents who, for many and varied reasons, were spending Xmas Day in the village.

It was a “BYO” luncheon and over 20 residents attended what was a fun day of good food, good company and a bit of Xmas merriment. Your webmaster did not receive any photos from last years event but this year Susan ensured that this years event did not go unrecognised. So here are just a few photos from the day.

It seems that nobody went hungry….

No doubt Rose added a few bits and pieces and others bought along a plate or two to share..

It all looks very tempting… The day included a few games, did anyone manage to open a present with oven mitts on?????

There is no record of what is happening here but it must have been fun..

Rose, this is the second year that you have hosted a Xmas Day lunch for residents and we know that you are not looking for any praise but you are a real gem and a credit to the staff at Alloura Waters for volunteering to ensure that no resident had to spend Xmas Day alone..  See you again next Xmas Day maybe????

Well Done Rose