Theme nights

20th May 2023 – Country & Western Night and Talent Quest.

(Webmasters Note: Unfortunately I was not able to personally attend the night in our Centre so my thanks go to all who have contributed the photographs and details below. Without their help this report would not have been possible.)

A good size crowd of around 100 or so attended  the Country & Western theme night and Talent Quest in our Centre. I am reliably informed that there were still some stayers in the Centre well after 1:00am the following morning so it must have been a great night out.

The evening commenced early with the Social Committee providing a Chicken and Salad dinner for those that chose to purchase one, others bought their own dinner along.

Many dressed up in their Cowboy and Cowgirl finest which really added to the theme of the night. Its been a long time since we have seen so many Stetson hats in the Centre.

The bar did its usual brisk trade..

And the stage was appropriately “dressed” with our  in-house band entertaining the crowd.
There was no report of the rooster crowing along with the music..

A feature of the night was a talent quest with the lure of a free glass of the bars finest wine to the winner. This was enough to entice several residents to come forward and show what they could do.
First up was a mass “boot scooting” display by a group of lovely ladies who had been practicing diligently.

There is no report of who actually won the free glass of wine but it would have been fun trying to share it among that lot.

That was not the only dancing on the night of course, many others hit the floor to show off their moves.

And so to the talent quest acts. First was Gloria and Jim.. wonderful.

Dave gave a memorable performance

And Gary presented a challenge for the big prize

Perhaps the most unusual act was by our resident artist, Ted, who adopted a Parisian artists guise (at least that is what most assumed it was).
Ted asked the band to provide some smooth background music while he promised to freehand produce a large painting within a 15 minute time limit. The results are seen below.
Working quickly, Ted actually only took around 9 minutes to produce the result above much to everyones amazement and applause. A most unusual act indeed by our talented in-house artist.

There is no report of what the late stayers got up to in the Centre until 1:00am in the morning, perhaps that is better left to the imagination.

Another good night in our Centre

8th April 2023 – Easter Fund Raiser

As a result of a casual suggestion our village eventually decided to hold a major Easter fund raising event in support of Central Coast Kids in Need, a local charity. This was held in our Centre on Easter Saturday.

Upon arrival residents firstly were relieved of a $10 donation and then further relieved of more dollars for raffle tickets with a great selection of prizes on offer, all donated by local businesses. Our trio of collectors pictured above were a formidable force indeed.

Snacks were provided by the Social Committee which went down well…..

And of course the bar did a roaring trade which added a few more dollars to the growing pot of money for the charity.

Our in-house resident band soon had the joint jumping with some lively music, they seem to get better with every event they play at.

But  of course, what sort of Easter event would it have been without a visit by the Easter Bunny who scattered eggs far and wide. (that sure is one cute bunny…..)

And here a just a few of the happy crowd that attended.

And how much was raised???? Well the final figure is yet to be calculated but at the last announcement on the night it was somewhere in excess of $2,500…

Well done Alloura Waters

14 February 2023 – Valentines Day Concert

This year we had a Valentines Day concert in our Centre which was attended by around 50 residents, all in a loving mood perhaps??
The concert was provided by our in-house band who also announced that they have now rebranded themselves as ” The Alloura Waters band

Once again,  our resident signwriter, Ted, did a great job in producing the backdrop for the band.

Note the new name on the bass drum, also the work of Ted.

Love the decorative table centrepiece…

Well done to all who worked to make this a great night out
NRL Grand Final 2022

Around 35 residents gathered in the Centre to watch the 2022 NRL Grand final on the big screen. They also enjoyed some appropriate food..
(A choice of Hot Dogs or a serve of Pies, Mashed Potato and Mushy Peas).

Babara enjoyed the evening and reported as follows;
Brenda & Michael did a terrific job setting up and arranging all the food and many thanks to them. Here are the Pies, Mash and Mushy Peas ready for eating..

Cabaret Dinner Dance – 17th September 2022

Thanks to the enthusiasm of our resident, Carol, exactly 80 residents gathered in our Centre for a night of feasting and dancing. Earlier,  the Social Committee had done an excellent job of setting up the Centre and laying the tables.

The evening commenced with a served spit roast meal followed by sweets, all prepared by outside caterers.

One point of note was that this was first major event in the Centre since the installation of our new bar courtesy of Living Choice management. Barbara and Nancy had the pleasure of running the bar on this significant occasion.

Dont they look happy????
Our thanks go to Living Choice for the new bar,  along with or assurances that it will be well used into the future..

After the meal it was time to strike up the band in the form of our in-house group,

The Gunnadoer’s

And here are several of the band members on a break;

Soon the dance floor was filled with many trying to follow Carols lead in performing some of the old time dances that she had planned. Carol even had a dance practice session a week before but, alas, we still all failed miserably.. it was a total shambles with everyone laughing too much. But it was all good fun..

Here are some photos of the gathering..

Love the bow tie Michael…

And so after a night of feasting, drinking and dancing 80 happy residents headed for home well fed and exhausted. It has been a long time since we spent so much time on the dance floor.

Thanks Carol for a great evening
Volunteering in Nepal – 9th July 2022

Events in our Community Centre have essentially returned to normal after covid restrictions have been lifted. Saturday 9th July saw the return of our monthly “special” happy hours. For new residents, and others that cannot remember, a “special” happy hour follows the same format as the usual weekly ones but  with the addition of some hot snack food served by the social committee and an “interest event” which is held before hand.

After such a long break this first “special” happy hour drew a capacity crowd which filled the auditorium to overflowing.

In this case the “interest event” was a presentation by a fellow resident, Dr Philippa Hudson, who entertained us with a very interesting talk and slide show on her adventures doing voluntary work in Nepal. In 2011, Philippa had the opportunity to assist International Nepal Fellowship, the oldest NGO in Nepal, improve the reporting of the outcomes being achieved through their Community Health and Development programmes.
Her power point presentation covered pictures and information on these programmes through her travel to six remote regions in Nepal, trekking sometimes on foot over mountains to very isolated communities where she sat with the local people and documented the transformations being achieved among some of the poorest people in Nepal.

Philippa all set to commence.

Some of the appreciative audience

Well done Philippa, a great start to our “special” happy hours.

Allouras Got Talent – 26th March 2022

(First of all a big thank you to the gang of photographers who provided all of the pics below)

The theme of this night was “ALLOURAS GOT TALENT” hosted by the Gunnadoers Band and the Social Committee. Our residents not only turned out in force for a great night out but also showed that some could get with the theme and show off…. (their talents that is!!!)

The band had the joint jumping once again with a range of musical numbers.

And the bar did their usual brisk trade of course.

But highlights of the night were a bunch of local performers;

A “Wannabe” Elvis
A hippie type..

Several impressive piano presentations

A couple of recitals?? (dressed in character)
A stirring vocal solo..
And….. Oh Dear.. HHHMM.. one could make many comments..

But congratulations to all that stepped up and had a go!!

Here are few pics of the appreciative crowd;

– Another successful night out in the Village –


GunnaDoers Concert – 3rd December 2021

In a further sign that we are well on our way out of a long Covid lockdown, our resident band, the “GunnaDoers” had our Centre really rocking with a full scale concert on Friday evening, 3rd December 2021, with the theme of “HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN”.

A good size crowd of over one hundred residents turned out for a fun evening.

On with the show….

There were many solo spots by our talented band members.

And it wasnt long before the audience took to the floor to show off their skills as well..

Dianne led an enthusiastic Conga Line around the Centre..

It was great to see out Centre back in full “Theme Night” use again, may there be many more to come..

Good work GunnaDoers
Roland Storm Concert – 19 May 2021

“Cummon’ everbody its 6 o”clock so lets Rock… huh huh huh… huh huh huh…..”

Oh yes indeed, with Covid restrictions easing after many long dull months, we shrugged off the blues with a themed night of good old ROCK & ROLL. If you were not around as a teenager in the ’60’s you might not remember Bandstand and 6 o’clock Rock on the old black and white TV in the lounge room as you got ready for a big Saturday night out. Perhaps you might also not remember one of the regular performers on those shows by the name of Roland Storm.

Well, we really went on a trip down memory lane with Roland Storm performing live in our Auditorium on the 19th May. One of our ladies who I shall not name even regretted not bringing over a pair of her “bloomers”  to throw on the stage.
(Did teenagers really do that back in the 60’s???)

2105 Roland Storm concert1

With the stage all set around 75 eager residents arrived looking forward to a memorable evening.

2105 Roland Storm concert22105 Roland Storm concert112105 Roland Storm concert102105 Roland Storm concert92105 Roland Storm concert82105 Roland Storm concert72105 Roland Storm concert62105 Roland Storm concert52105 Roland Storm concert42105 Roland Storm concert3

And then it was showtime..

2105 Roland Storm concert132105 Roland Storm concert122105 Roland Storm concert14

While many of us remembered Roland singing on the TV,  his current live show is much more than that. He of course performed many of the hits from “back in the day” but he also told us many juicy stories of what went on behind the scenes and refreshed our memories about many of his fellow performers that we had long forgotten about. And he also entertained us with a surprisingly large bag full of humorous jokes which had us all chuckling.

2105 Roland Storm concert152105 Roland Storm concert172105 Roland Storm concert16

All too soon the concert was over so we all rocked our way home after a great nights entertainment. And that was our main takeaway of the night, Roland Storm is not just a singer but is now an all round entertainer.

2105 Roland Storm concert192105 Roland Storm concert20

2105 Roland Storm concert18
Here is Roland with our resident, Bob, who organised the night for us. Thanks Bob….

And if you were not there you really are square

Valentines Day Concert – 22 February 2020

The usual quiet January month in the village is now past and our social event organisers are getting back into the swing of things.
And “swing” is a term that certainly did apply to the first of our themed events for the year which was a Valentines Day Concert featuring a large “big brass band” playing many of the romantic golden oldies as well as many newer numbers.

The Big Band setting up and tuning up

The U Bouddi Big Band certainly got the joint jumping much to the delight of over 70 of so residents who came along and paid their $3 entry fee.

Anne and Lorraine made sure nobody “snuck in” without paying while also expertly fleeced guests for the raffle tickets on offer.

Rosemary introduces the band

The band started with a set which wowed the audience. Before long there was a lot of toe tapping going on under the tables and many residents commented later that they were amazed by the professionalism of the band and the great sounds that they were hearing. Not bad at all for an amateur local Central Coast group.

The bar was doing its usual roaring trade staffed by Paul and Brian who were doing a great job.

After the first set it was time for an interval and a yummy supper
And here are just a few of the appreciative audience.

After enjoying supper the band launched into its second set.

While a few had ventured onto the dance floor during the first set, it was not long into the bands second set that the dance floor was full and the pace really stepped up.
Was it the band, the yummy supper or maybe the bubbles claiming credit for this???

Thanks for a great night Rosemary and crew……

If you were not there;


St Andrews Day Evening Event – 30 November 2019

Another great theme night was held in our Centre when over 60 residents gathered to celebrate all things Scottish on St Andrews Day eve.
The evening was expertly hosted by Hamish, one of our resident “Scots”.
He even arranged a sample taste of a real haggis for those inclined to partake of this kind offer and while around 50 showed an interest perhaps just a few backed out at the last minute..

Our genial host, Hamish.
The haggis, mashed potatoes and mashed turnips await.
The Haggis

Some of the serving Wenches

The servers did a great job, most of those partaking of the haggis said that when served it was nice and hot and they were very impressed with the speed that all were served.

Is someone really going to eat this??

In the meantime Hamish was ensuring that the food was accompanied by the appropriate “wee dram” of a good whiskey to wash it all down.

Of course there was tea and coffee for those that wanted an alternative.
After the meal it was time for some entertainment with good Scottish music and many old favourites. Our multi talented resident band, the “Gunna Doers” adapted to the theme of the evening and soon had us all jigging along with them.

The “Gunna Doers”

Also performing for us, Gloria and Peter presented a couple of old time favourites.

One highlight of the night was a visit by a troupe of young Scottish dancers to entertain us.
Normally your webmaster is reluctant to post photographs of children on our website but they did such a good job that it would be unkind not to recognise their efforts with just one photo.

Here are a some photos of just a few who enjoyed the evening;

Perhaps just one “wee dram” too many???

Finally, it was time for Hamish to thank everyone for coming and to say;
“Guidbye Bye Bye for noo See ye efter”.. 

And lead us into a closing musical rendition of “Auld Lang Syne”.

Hoots mon Hamish, b ‘e deagh oidhche


Back to the 60’s Masquerade Night, 26th October 2019

WOW.. what a fun packed night and great entertainment. It was a real hoot. Our Centre was absolutely filled to capacity with well over 130 residents, family and friends attending which must easily be a record.

Bob and the Gunna Doers really put on a good show, they just seem to get better with every performance. And of course they were complimented with a surprising array of resident talent in the “Allouras Got Talent” quest during the evening.

The first task for every arrival was to enter through the “Welcome Archway” which is becoming a tradition at our themed nights.

Snacks and nibbles were the first order of the night.

And then it was Showtime.

Which included a surprise visit by a superstar.. ELVIS IS IN THE HOUSE!!!

After enjoying  this treat, guests were even further amazed by resident performers during

A classy first act…
A little bit of sophistication
A humorous ditty.
Smooth and Sexy!! (with the lights down low)
A topical poem.
And a  classy final act.

All of the acts were judged worthy of the first prize and could not be separated so no one got anything!!!..
As a finale there was yet another group of surprise visitors  performing .. YMCA….

Who is that Policeman in the middle???

Several of the guests elected to dress up for the occasion and our resident judges decided to award several prizes for their efforts.

The judges announce their decisions..
And here they are with the lucky winners.

To conclude the evening the “Gunna Doers” performed another segment and many took to the dance floor.

This report started with ;
“WOW.. what a fun packed night and great entertainment. It was a real hoot.”

And indeed it was.. Well done to all that contributed!!!


Back to the 50’s night, 6th April 2019.

(Unfortunately, your webmaster was away overseas and did not attend on the night. However a range of photos have been gathered which give a flavour of the event.)

A good number attended and seem to have enjoyed themselves and many dressed up to suit the occasion. Here are a few of the best dressed.

The bar did a roaring trade as usual.

The Zumba ladies put on a special show.

There were several solo performances as well.

Davey Crockett

And the Gunna Doers once again entertained the crowd.

So it was another successful night organised by the Social Committee and enjoyed by many…



St Patricks Day, 16 March 2019

Unortunately, your webmaster was away overseas and missed this event, but here are a few random photos to attest that a good night was had by all.. There was lots of GREEN around, even the food served up was mostly green.

The Bar staff were particularly looking the part.

Those that were there confirmed that they really enjoyed the night…

Western Night, 28 July 2018

Unfortunately the Webmaster was on holidays again so is not able to post a personal report of the Western Night in the Centre which took place on 28 July 2018.

But we have been able to gather a range of photographs from those that did attend on the night which attests to a great night out enjoyed by all…

Upon arrival everyone had to walk through an expertly crafted “Ponderosa Arch” just to get them in the mood..

David and Margaret were among the early arrivals..

Good to see that a few “Squaws” attended.. Is that war paint Kerry????.. it could be a rough night..

Now this guy looks like a Bad Dude dressed all in black..

Ah its OK.. It look as if the Texas Rangers have arrived just in time.

Yvonne even brought her own horse.

Nice six guns there Ted!!! They may well be needed before the night is out.

These two obviously shop together..

Been to the same shops???

Another Squaw… things are hotting up..

More Marshals have just arrived  so things should stay calm..

The Saloon owners look a bit nervous!!!

In every western movie the piano player keeps playing on during a saloon fight so Bob and the gang thought they would try the same thing to keep everyone calm.

Another Squaw on stage…

Soon it was time to bring on the dancing girls… Maybe not quite the Can Can girls we usually see in the western movies but some very talented “boot scooters” instead.

Here they are.

And away they go.

Well done girls!!!!

Phew!!!.. the outlaws did not cause a ruckus, the Indians did not attack.. so the night was voted as a great success..

Well done to the organisers


Hawaiian night, 24th March 2018

Around 100 residents made their way to the Community Centre to enjoy a Hawaiian themed fun night. It was a BYO dinner evening with appropriate fancy dress called for.
The Social Committee had done a great job once again dressing the Centre to suit the theme of the evening.

The entranceway
Tables dressed
Wayne manned the bar

As the guests arrived Pam and Kathy manned the donations bucket collecting funds for the residents account.

Many residents made a great effort to dress up and here is just a small selection.

And some more

Great Hat…
A closer look at THAT hat..

After the guests had eaten it was time for a musical treat from our very own resident band.


After a much appreciated round of toe tapping tunes the guests were treated to a real surprise finale which was the highlight of the night.


This their Dear Leader…

Doesnt he look grand????

And here are his talented Heavenly Hula team of dancers.

A great night out enjoyed by all…

What a show it was!!!