Lawn Bowls

Many of our residents, both men and women play lawn bowls, taking advantage of the fact that the Davistown RSL Bowling Club is only a short walk from our homes. If you are interested in details of the club just click on the link below;

Davistown Bowl

Living Choice Bowls Day, Friday 6th May 2022

Friday 6th May once again saw Broadwater Court and Alloura Waters Bowlers engage in a struggle for lawn bowls supremacy. Some photos and reports from the event are posted below.

Firstly, the report from the winning team;

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, oh what a glorious day for bowls with our friends at Alloura Waters. 
Thanks to the Davistown RSL Bowls Club and all the helpers for hosting this memorable event and thanks also to LCA for the sponsorship of prizes. We are most appreciative.
Winners are Grinners and not only did we have fun and enjoy ourselves but…..
WE WON ! !
Broadwater won bragging rights for another year. 
After 2 hours of brilliant bowling, on occasions, by both Clubs BBC won 5 games out of the 9 games played and the aggregate scores were BBC 135 to AW 117.
Congratulations to all the prize winners on the day and hopefully we all remain fit and healthy for an encore performance next year.
Keep ’em rollin’
Richard Whelpdale
Broadwater Bowls Club

And here is Alloura Waters report;

The annual LCA sponsored bowls tournament between Alloura Waters Bowlers and Broadwater Bowlers, was competed at Davistown RSL today. Unfortunately Alloura Waters lost 5 matches to 4 but were gallant in defeat. Our staff  of  Trudy, Samantha, Brendan and Sally(substitute) proved their many talents and acquitted themselves with distinction.
This is the fourth occasion that Alloura and Broadwater have competed and although we were hoping to make it 2 all, we are now down 3 to 1. The total losing margin today was 18 shots  (117 for 135 against) but with a little bit of training I am sure we will turn the tables next year. Well done Team Alloura.
A big thank you to LCA for sponsoring the day.
Rob Capon
Alloura Waters

Im sure that the day was conducted in the usual good spirit… And well done to Living Choice for their contribution and continuing support…

Congratulations to Broadwater Court but next year will be OUR year..

The 2021 Business House bowls event at Davistown was again a very good fun occasion for those who took part. This event, sponsored by Bendigo Bank, is promoted to businesses in the Davistown Kincumber area and provides an opportunity for networking and promotion.
This year 16 teams took part – including 2 from Living Choice. David Grassby supported by Alloura Waters resident Jean Paviour-Smith, and Neil King represented LCA, whilst Don Campbell, Ronee Scroggie and Ted Castle represented Alloura Waters. Neil King was a late sub for Andy Dudney who was in the original selection but had to withdraw.
All teams were well matched, with all recording at least one win out of 2 games. Last year’s winner Tyrepower, could not match their great achievement of 2020.  Overall winner on the night was the Bendigo Bank team.


Living Choice Bowls Day, 17th May 2019

Friday 17 May 2019 saw the return clash between Alloura Waters and Broadwater Court bowlers for the Intervillage Bowls Challenge. Alloura Waters were the holders but Broadwater Court had done their homework and came with a strengthened side which saw them prevail on the day. Best performed rink on the day was also from Broadwater Court – Gwen Jarrett, Barry Craig and Ian Mutton.

There was great delight when host for the day – Don Paviour-Smith – called on Alloura Waters Residents Committee President, Colin Beveridge, to present the trophy to Broadwater Court team leader Bill Higginson. Colin’s speech was quite long – he did not want to give up the trophy – and Bill’s was brief and to the point – “We won”.

With both Villages names recorded on the trophy we expect that the contests in future years will be keenly fought.

A feature of the day is the wide range of people involved in the event. Many of the participants are not bowlers but take part because it’s a village day out. Most of the 28 teams – 14 from each Village – had one non bowler. Also, all the village residents were delighted to see their Village staff – managers, gardeners and maintenance people involved. It’s great to meet up with them on a fun basis and enjoy each others company.

A number of them displayed great natural talent at bowling – not missed by the sharp eyes of Davistown RSL Bowling Club members.

The victorious Broadwater Court team


The Retirement Village Challenge, June 2016

A strong team came together to represent Alloura Waters in the annual Retirement Village Challenge. The format is simple – teams of 3 bowlers play 2 games each against randomly selected opponents. The winners are decided on numbers of wins and numbers of ends won. This tournament attracted the maximum number of entries – 42 – and we were advised that there was a waiting list. One of the most popular bowls tournaments on the Central Coast in recent years.

Our team this year comprised Don Paviour-Smith, Rob Capon and Jean Paviour-Smith, Noel Murphy, Gary Tucker and Stan Burman, and Clive Burt, Bob Kennedy and Noel Heard. All Alloura Waters teams finished their first round with good wins so things were looking good. However, the second round produced some tough opposition. In the end it was not our day.

However, as the attached photo shows, we were one of the best turned out teams. Living Choice provided us with LC polo shirts and many team members already sported LC caps. Bob Kennedy came to the rescue with additional caps for those who did not have them. We are much indebted to Garry Spencer and Sally Mutton for providing the shirts and for going to some trouble to obtain one extra shirt to enable all of us to look like a team.

Watch out for us next year!!


Left to right –Stan Burman, Noel Murphy, Don Paviour-Smith, Jean Paviour-Smith, Rob Capon. Bob Kennedy, Gary Tucker, Noel Heard, Clive Burt.


Glengara Retirement Village Bowlers come to Davistown

Sept 22nd

Earlier this year a visit from our bowlers was made to Glengara Retirement Village (Tumbi Umbi). It was a great success, but since we lost the game Gloria and Clive Burt thought it would be a great idea to invite them here to see if we could even up the games won!

It was a wonderful success, thanks to Gloria and her many helpers who provided a superb morning tea to welcome our visitors. Then it was off to the green where we managed to win the day. One all!!

We then enjoyed a lovely lunch with our new friends.

They are already talking about the next round in our ‘competition’.


Great Performance at the Lawn Bowls State Pennant Play Offs

Aug 18 – 20th Nowra

After a long season, the ladies from Davistown Women’s Bowling Club finished in style at the State Pennant Play Offs in Nowra.

Having qualified for this by winning both the District and Regional Flags in Grade 3, they were ready to play up a storm – and that’s exactly what they did.

Winning two games against other Regional Champions was a wonderful achievement, but perhaps our best game was against the eventual 2015 State Champions from St. John’s Park in Sydney. Their team was absolutely star-studded – including a current Australian Singles Champion as well as many other highly credentialed players. Our teams played superbly and proved what a competitive unit they had become. Yes, we lost the game, but still felt like winners, and rightly so.

Well done to the team – half of whom are Village People  – and special thanks to all the supporters who travelled with us to ride every bowl with us. Again the Village was well-represented by Pat Dixon, Ann Smith, Marilyn and John McCloskey, and Isabel Boughton.

And finally a big thank you to another Villager, Robin Cox, who played with us all season until a broken arm stopped her.

1508statepennants1 (1)
The happy team before the first game
1508statepennants1 (5)

Rebecca Blackwood in full flight

1508statepennants1 (4)

Rosemary Cartmill watching carefully

1508statepennants1 (2)

Marion Love delivers one of her superb bowls

1508statepennants1 (3)

Jean Paviour-Smith – a picture of concentration

1508statepennants1 (6)

Our mascot enjoys the after match celebrations

1508statepennants1 (7)

And so do the team! Here with coach Don

Rosemary Cartmill reports further on the progress of our lady bowlers…. and there will be more to come later…

May 2015

Following on their win in the District play-offs, the Davistown RSL Women’s Bowling Club’s Grade 3 Pennants side went to The Entrance on 18th May to play the next round of the competition, the Regional play-off against neighbouring Lake Macquarie District. All four grades were played on the day with Ettalong contesting the First Grade, Wyong the Second Grade and Halekulani playing the Grade 4 match.

All the games were closely contested with the Grades 1 and 3 games tied after 21 ends and having to play and extra end for a result. The Davistown ladies scored three points in their extra end to win their game against the Swansea Workers 34 to 31. All three other Central Coast sides were successful in their games – a clean sweep for the District.

Next step will be the State play-offs to be contested in the Shoalhaven region from 17-21 August. Once again Alloura Waters will have a strong representation in the team and I’ll let you know how they fare.

The photograph shows the side who played and won at the Entrance on May 18th. They are from left to right:

Jenny Cooke, Pam Lowe, Elizabeth Lochte, Patricia Jenkins-Green, Jean Paviour-Smith, Marion Love, Pam Price and Abbe Clark

1506 Bowls Pennants

There was also a considerable tussle for a local prize…

May 2015

The premier event of the bowling year for any club is the Major Singles competition and at the Davistown Women’s Bowling Club the title is much sought after by all the bowlers.

This year’s competition was very intense as the standard of bowling in the club has improved markedly over recent years and many bowlers took part in the early rounds.

The final was played on Thursday 28th May between Alloura Waters resident Marion Love and Abbe Clark, who lives in Davistown. The conditions were perfect and the game swung back and forth between the players. Eventually the title went to Abbe Clark for the second time. Congratulations Abbe. A full report of the game can be found on the club website

1506 bowls ladies
Alloura’s Marion Love (left) and Abbe Clark of Davistown

Thanks Rosemary, these ladies are really getting serious eh??…

Rosemary Cartmill has provided an update to her previous report…..


The Grade 3 side from Davistown RSL Women’s Bowling Club has taken out the Central Coast District Grade 3 Pennant for 2015. This is only the second time the club has won a flag so the win has caused great excitement.

After the play-off games were delayed for almost a week due to extreme weather conditions the side returned to the green and returned a perfect score of 15/15 over the three play-off games. They will now go on to Regional playoffs to be held at The Entrance Bowling Club on Monday 18th May. Stay tuned for another report!
The teams, which included four Alloura Waters residents and one from Broadwater Court are from left to right: Jenny Cooke, Patricia Jenkins-Green, Elizabeth Lochte, Rebecca Blackwood (Skip), Jean Paviour-Smith (Skip), Marion Love, Pam Price and Robyn Cox.

Pennant Winners
Pennant Winners


Davistown RSL Womens Bowling Club Report, April 2015

Rosemary Cartmill has provided the following report of recent success by a number of our women bowler residents. Her report follows;

1504 Lady Bowlers
Fours champions, three of whom are residents of Alloura Waters, Pat Dixon, Rebecca Blackwood and Robyn Cox. The fourth member of the team is Kerry Hutchison, a resident of Davistown.

This year ‘s Pennants competition (Sectional Play) is now coming to a close and we have been very successful. Two of the three sides we entered have finished at the top of their sections and will go on to play-offs for a District flag at Ettalong Bowling Club on 20th, 21st and 22nd April 2015. I will let you know how the play-offs finish but we expect great things. Of the 16 players in those sides (2 teams of 4 per side) 6 are residents of Alloura Waters. These ladies are Rebecca Blackwood, Robyn Cox, Marion Love and Jean Paviour-Smith in the Grade 3 side, and Pat Dixon and Ronne Scroggie in the Grade 4 side.

About 1/3 of our bowlers are residents of Alloura Waters and we are always ready to welcome new members. Perhaps there are some ladies in the village who have thought they might like to try lawn bowls but just haven’t made the move yet. Anyone interested can get more information from the bowling club website;

or they can contact me on 43690587 to find out how to get their cost and obligation free introductory bowling lessons.

Kind regards,

Rosemary Cartmill Apt 206

President, Davistown RSL Women’s Bowling Club


Alloura Waters Vs Henry Kendall Gardens Fun Day 2014:

On 15th June 2014 a group of bowlers went to Henry Kendal for a visit. A great day of bowls was had by all. Then a fabulous lunch was put on by the Henry Kendal ladies with the men helping.

henry kendal bowls collage 3

Our group won most of the raffles.

henry kendal bowls collage 6

Thanks to Brian Smith for driving the bus which made a lovely relaxing day for everyone.

henry kendal bowls collage 4

Thanks also to Gloria Burt for organising the day, Well Done Gloria!

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