Whats On

Throughout the year many significant annual dates are acknowledged and the village social committee organises appropriate activities to recognise those occasions. These include Xmas, New Years Eve, Australia Day, Anzac Day, and Melbourne Cup Day.  Also, there are several annual events exclusive to our village such as Soup Days, Craft Stalls, fashion shows, shoe sales, etc.

There are also a number of “ad hoc” events held during the year such as theme nights in the Centre.

“Whats on” information is made available from the following sources;

— On the back page of the current monthly AWARE residents newsletter which is distributed to all residents mailboxes.

— In a monthly COMMUNIQUE newsletter from the Village Manager which is also distributed to all residents mailboxes.

— On an internal digital television channel (Channel 500) which is broadcast to most                     homes. (Please note that most, but not all, homes are connected to the village TV                         distribution system which is required to view Channel 500))

Notices or flyers are usually sent out to residents mailboxes to advise of significant events as they are coming up.