Australia Day

Australia Day 2023

Once again we had a VERY hot day here on the Central Coast so the 140 or so residents that decided to attend all crammed into our Centre which was nicely air conditioned thank goodness.

Ted, our resident sign writer, did another great job making up our signage for the day.

It was an early start for Michael and Steve who manned the barbecues to prepare our sausage sizzle lunch, there were many hungry residents to feed.

Michael and Steve hard at it..
Brenda was glad to see that the boys delivered hot food right on schedule.

Of course the ladies of the Social Committee were also hard at work early preparing the Centre.

Lorraine and Anne folding the napkins
Gill and Pat sold some early raffle tickets.
Very imaginative table settings began appearing.
The bar staff were all ready..

At the appointed time the crowd arrived. Somehow everyone managed to squeeze in but social distancing was not easy to maintain.

Our Residents Committee President, Dave, warmly (pun intended) welcomed all.

Our resident band, The Gunnadoers, kept the place jumping for most of the day with some appropriate tunes. They always do a great job and are well appreciated.

Before lunch the raffles were drawn and the happy winners Paul and Gill are shown below.

Then lunch was served…

Sausage sizzle, lamingtons, beverages of all types were on offer… And they were well received.

There is always one in every crowd… but Bob, above, rates a special mention….

Here are some more residents enjoying the day;


While the band was taking a well earned break, Kevern and Gary hosted one of our regular and hotly contested Australia Day activities..THONG THROWING.
Below is a pic of the Alloura Waters Perpetual Trophy which is inscribed with the winners names each year. Really, what could be a better trophy than an old fence paling with a pair of thongs nailed to it with some galvanised clouts???
(Winners are able to take the trophy home and proudly nail it to the front door of their villa for the year but surprisingly no winner has yet taken up this opportunity in the 5 years that the competition has been running…)

The ammunition..
The target…

This year we had a ladies and a mens section. Ted won the mens section and Rose, pictured below,  won the ladies section.

Once again, surprisingly, neither winner wanted to take the trophy home and display it for the coming year.

Another great day in our village
Well done to all who helped to make it a success
Australia Day 2022

Hooray… at last.. despite still having Covid limitations on numbers at indoor gatherings, we were able to have unlimited numbers outdoors (with appropriate social distancing) so that is what we decided upon.

The original plan was to have a sit down lunch catered for by an outside spit roast caterer but that was thought to not be practical due to high temperatures outside in the middle of the day, so we reverted to plan B which was to have a twilight sausage sizzle with lamingtons to follow and this turned out to be a perfect choice.

Ironically, while we could allow almost unlimited numbers outside for the first time in ages, many residents still decided to stay away due to concerns over a severe outbreak of the latest Covid strain in NSW. Some that attended said that they would also have stayed away if the event was held indoors. But in the end about 85 residents came along and enjoyed a fun evening. One of these years we may be free of any Covid restrictions, fingers crossed.

A big shout out goes to our resident signwriter, The Phantom (alias Ted) for the great backdrop sign to our event. It is claimed that he produced this in just one days work.

And a team of residents contributed to the set up of the outdoor area in the morning.

Steve and Michael (not in picture) got an early start cooking the sausages and onions.. yummy..

While Brenda and Gill were vigilant in collecting moneys for the food and raffles. Not much got past them.

And as usual, the bar did a roaring trade…

Once the crowd had arrived it was time to eat..

Peter and Paul were among the first in line to get a sausage..

Sandra and Avril made sure everyone was well fed with our other cook, Michael, keeping an eye on things to make sure all got a good serving.

After a feed our in house band, The Gunnadoers, got to work to entertain the gathering with some good old Australia Day tunes.

After the band had finished, several esidents stayed on to enjoy the evening and a few drinks…

It was certainly good to get back to an almost normal full scale event in our village. We seem to be slowly shaking off the Covid shackles… FINGERS STILL CROSSED..

Australia Day 2021

Australia Day 2021 saw our Social Committee not only struggling with Covid restrictions  but also an extreme burst of hot weather well into the mid to high 30’s. To say that it was warm would be very much an understatement.. it was damn hot.

But after a very quiet 2020 due to Covid limitations with only a few small events in the village, the Social Committee members were determined to put on a good show for Australia Day 2021. So it was decided firstly that we should hold the event outdoors to allow more people to come along and secondly that we would hold a twilight event for the first time to avoid the main heat of the day.
Covid limitations still decreed that we could only have 60 persons along so unfortunately we had to turn some away, it was a matter of first come first served reserving an available seat.

But.. it all turned out OK on the night..

Naturally the bar was open.. (but it looks as if Don had already sampled some of the stock)

The barbecues were hot… (Looking good Hamish)

Dinner music was provided by our own resident band, the acclaimed GUNNA DOERS playing a selection of oldies but goodies which soon had toes tapping..

Yes, we do have two drummers….

Everyone else settled down to eat, drink and be merry..

This was billed as a twilight event and once the sun went down it became much cooler and quite a pleasant evening outdoors. We managed to talk the GUNNA DOERS into performing another set while many stayed around enjoying the evening air.

Grant managed to get in on the act playing the “Monkey Stick”.
(For those that dont know, a monkey stick is a percussion instrument made up of a plank with bottle tops)

And so after a rather warm and uncomfortable start our event finished in a quite pleasant evening outdoors in our courtyard.

A big thank you to the Social Committee, it was a good start to 2021.


( Once again your webmaster was away from the village on Australia Day 2020 and, unfortunately, no one thought to take any photos. But Dianne has provided this first hand account of the day in our Centre…… Thanks Dianne)
Being such a hot day, it was held inside much to everyone’s relief. It was a great day with a full room of people, lovely decorated tables and free lamingtons. The ladies did a great job with flags, appropriate serviettes and tablecloths.
 We sang Advance Australia Fair and I still call Australia home, with Joan at the piano and Rosemary leading the singing. Some cooked their lunch on the BBQs while others enjoyed a cold salad meal in friendly company.
The raffle was drawn, and two of the four winners,  were David who chose a wine bucket and a bottle of bubbly, and  Gloria who chose a meat tray. The other winners chose a meat tray and a hamper. Thanks were given to a resident who donated some prizes.

The rowdy thong throwing was won by Peter and second prize went to Ted. Martina made a spectacular effort for the ladies. Some thongs  went astray and ended up hitting the wall, ceiling and a picture, but no permanent damage was done.
The bar was kept very busy and all felt it was a perfect way to celebrate.



Australia Day 2019

(The webmaster was not in the village for this function but has been able to gather photos and stories from kind contributors……)  

It was an extremely hot day in the village for this years Australia Day celebrations. The Social Committee was surprised to see such a large number of residents attending to the extent that they had to erect more tables and seating to cater for the large crowd. It was reported that they even ran out of Lamingtons!!!!

Bev & Rosemary did a good job selling raffle tickets.

Among the early arrivals, Gloria (on the left) later read an Australia Day poem which was well received.

Kevin kept the bar going

It was great to see some family members, young and older, also joining our celebrations

There was a range of clothing and hats appropriate to the day to be seen…

Just some of the large crowd

Chris, Ronnie and Dorothy were the luck winners of the meat tray raffles. Chris had only attended for 5 minutes before winning….

And here are some of the other happy attendees who enjoyed the day …

But of course, the highlight of our Australia Day celebrations here in the village is the hotly contested “Thong Throwing” competition. This year Don and Rob officiated and kept the crowd under control.

Here is the coveted trophy on which the name of the winner each year is inscribed..

There were many contenders and each had their own unique throwing style….

But this years winner showed everyone how it is done..

Here is Judith limbering up..
And here is the winning throw, cans scattering far and wide.
Yes indeed.. winners are grinners.

After having her name inscribed on the Perpetual Trophy for 2019 Judith was clearly delighted with her outstanding performance…. Congratulations Judith.

Happy Australia Day


Australia Day 2018

In what is becoming a recurring theme we again assembled inside the Centre, mainly due to the heat and humidity outside, and once again well over 100 residents attended our celebrations.

All ready to go..
Some went all out with their table decorations.
Meat tray raffles are go!!!
Bar is go!!!
The mob has arrived

It was great fun to see so many “dressed up” for the day….

With the barbecues heated up it was time for lunch..

Lamingtons for dessert!!

Soon it was time for the meat raffle to be drawn. Beth and Rosemary did well.

However, James caused a protest because he was married to the organiser.. Is there fishy business going on here???? Perhaps we should refer this on to ICAC for investigation???

Lyn recited one of her Australia Day poems which was very much appreciated.

The surprise entertainment for the day was a medley of tunes presented by our “inhouse” band, the Gunna Dooers which soon had toes tapping…

The final event was a knockout competition between a long line of “Thong Throwers”

The target and thong “ammunition”..
The Alloura Waters Perpetual Thong Throwing Trophy

Here are just a few of those eager to win and get their name onto the coveted Alloura Waters Perpetual Thong Throwing Trophy as the champion for 2018. Last years winner, Don, elected not to re-contest this year.

There were thongs flying in all directions, someof them quite threatening, but the eventual winner was Heather with a magnificent throw while Robyn was a close runner up.

Aw Shucks, Heather looks to be quite emotional about her win..
Oh wait, no she is not.. or maybe she is just laughing at the lame first prize…

And so another successful Australia Day event came to an end and a fun time was had by all. Maybe next year we will get outside for a change..


Australia Day 2017


In what was almost a repeat of last years celebrations, 100 plus residents gathered and once again we were confined to the inside of the Centre, but this year it was mainly due to the high humidity outside and the sudden appearance of loads of mosquitoes..
Not to worry, our Social Committee, with the aid of several helpers,  got to work and had the venue suitably set up in no time at all.

1701-australia-day02 1701-australia-day01

Meat Trays for the raffle
Meat Trays for the raffle at the ready..
Lamingtons at the ready
Lamingtons at the ready
Tea and coffee service in the dining room
Tea and coffee service in the dining room at the ready..
And of course our trusty bar staff at the ready
And of course our trusty bar staff at the ready (nice tattoo Matt!!)


With the barbecues fired up outside it was not long before everyone was enjoying lunch..

Our resident teenagers on their devices..

1701-australia-day08 1701-australia-day10 1701-australia-day11 1701-australia-day12

After lunch it was time to draw the meat tray raffles.

Carol calls for last chance ticket sales
Elaine closed her eyes for the first draw. No favouritism here.
Elaine closed her eyes for the first draw. No favouritism here.
our lucky first winner
Our lucky first winner draws the next ticket.
HHMM.. says the first winner. Which one should I chose??
HHMM.. I dont know which one is best Heather.. they are all good..
This one will do me says Dawn.
This one will do me says Dawn.

Some wore comical hats but they were not as numerous as last year. Perhaps we need a hat competition and some prizes as encouragement next year.

1701-australia-day18 1701-australia-day19 1701-australia-day20


Here a few more happy diners….

You did not need to wear your old prison shirt Col…

1701-australia-day22 1701-australia-day24 1701-australia-day25 1701-australia-day26 1701-australia-day27 1701-australia-day28 1701-australia-day29 1701-australia-day30 1701-australia-day31 1701-australia-day32 1701-australia-day33 1701-australia-day34

After lunch it was time for some fun.. First up was a 10 minute locally produced slide show with  backyard cricket as the theme which soon had everyone chuckling….


Then Joan on the piano and  Allan on vocals led us in the singing of the National Anthem..



Followed by Lyn, one of our talented resident Poets, who read us her latest Australia Day poem. (Due to a communication breakdown no photos are available of Joan, Allan and Lyn actually at work, apologies to them. But they certainly did us proud on the day.)

The final event of the day was the second year of our thong throwing competition which was hotly contested once again by residents.

Here is the coveted trophy for the winner
Here is the coveted perpetual trophy presented to the winner.
Here is the target.
Here is the target and thong ammunition!!!.

And here are just a few of the hopefuls..

“You guys have no chance, I have this in the bag!!!”
Nice serviette George..
The scoring umpire takes his seat.
The scoring umpire, Wayne, takes his seat.
And we are away, with the throwing Umpire, Gary, watching closely for any foot faults.
Barbara leads off. Our throwing umpire, Gary, watches closely for any foot faults or other cheating.


OOPS.. where did that thong go???
OOPS.. where did that thong go??? Sorry to whoever it hit!!!

1701-australia-day47 1701-australia-day48

Nice to see family members joining in..
Nice to see family members joining in..


My aim is good..
My aim is good..


Im watching you.. NO CHEATING!!!
Im watching you.. NO CHEATING!!!
In still watching..
In still watching..
I missed.. Im a failure..
I missed.. Im a failure..
Perhaps if I bounce it off the ceiling up there I might do some good...
Perhaps if I rebound the thong off the ceiling up there I might do some good…
I dont want to stand on that mat.. I dont know where it as been..
I dont want to stand on that mat.. I dont know where it has been..
What do you mean "Your a whimp"???
What do you mean “Your a whimp”???
OK, I am all lined up for the winning shot..
OK, I am all lined up for the winning shot here..
Here I go...
Here I go…
So here are the winners. Don, Joan and Dave.
So here are the three finalists. Joan, Don, and Dave.
Presentation of the first prize..
Presentation of the first prize..
And of course Don was presented with the Perpetual Trophy.. which he carried off with glee and is yet to return it..
And of course Don was presented with the Perpetual Trophy.. which he then carried off with glee and is yet to return it so that his name can be added to the roll.. BRING IT BACK DON!!!

And so another enjoyable Australia Day in our village came to an end. Perhaps if the weather is kinder next year we may actually get outside and have a game of backyard cricket.. Now that would be fun…



Australia Day 2016

This year we saw roughly 100 Allourians gather again in our Centre to celebrate Australia Day. Last year we were confined to the inside of the Centre due to bad weather and this year the forecast was for a repeat of this. So having set up for an indoor event, wouldn’t you know it, there was bright sunshine all day outside.

Settling in for the day
Settling in for the day
Our bar staff were ready..
Our bar staff were ready..

First order of the day was lunch. Both barbecues were running flat out while some residents bought along fish ‘n chips, sausage sizzles, seafoods, salads, and other goodies.

1601 Australia Day03

Ahhh.. vegemite and tomato sauce.. homuch more Ozzie can you get?
Ahhh.. vegemite and tomato sauce.. how much more Ozzie can you get?

And of course for sweets, lamingtons and a cuppa is the way to go.


The day would not be complete without the meat tray raffle…

1601 Australia Day06

And the raffle winners were…

1601 Australia Day08 1601 Australia Day07 1601 Australia Day09

John, Bob and Clive were well pleased..

Following lunch it was time to move on to some entertainment and a bit of fun..

1601 Australia Day10
Dave.. created a brilliant slide show of old historical and local area photographs..
1601 Australia Day11
Lyn.. entertained us with a reading of her poem especially written for the day.
Ed R also entertained us with some enthusiastic poetry readinfg
Ed.. also entertained us with some enthusiastic poetry reading..
Joan E.. on the piano with Alan E.. leading the vocals had us in the singing the national anthem with great gusto.
Joan.. on the piano, and Alan.. leading the vocals had us enthusiastically singing the national anthem.

Then it was time for the Inaugural Thong Throwing Contest here at Alloura Waters…

1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes were present..
1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes were waiting for the winners..
The thong ammunition
The thong throwing ammunition
The target..
The target.. (skittle like..)

Away we go….

Barbara T leads of while others line up for their turn..
Barbara lead off while others line up for their turn to throw.. She scored well early on..
1601 Australia Day18
Elaine carefully lines up her shot..
Pam thought another colour thong might give her the edge..
OOO.. where did this mat come from??
Lyn showed off her throwing style.
Lyn showed off her throwing style.
Carol decided that a pre throw warm up routine was needed.
Carol decided that pre throw warm up exercises and a run up was needed.
Marj ended up throwing into the crowd..
Marj ended up throwing into the crowd..
1601 Australia Day22
Wayne throws..
Then protests about the result..
Then protests to the umpire..
Beth throws.
Beth throws.
And also protests...
And is also not impressed with the umpire…
Phil hits the target..
Phil hits the target..
I only missed it by THIS much..
I only missed it by THIS much..
Gloria and Phil took out third prize.
Gloria and Phil took out third prize.
Barb took out second prize..
Barb took out second prize..
But the first prize was taken out by Danny N with only one throw...
But the first prize was taken out by Danny with only one throw…
Danny with the Trophy..
Danny with the Perpetual Trophy which will record each years winner..

Here are a some other photos from the day…

1601 Australia Day33 1601 Australia Day34 1601 Australia Day35 1601 Australia Day36 1601 Australia Day37 1601 Australia Day38 1601 Australia Day39 1601 Australia Day40 1601 Australia Day41 1601 Australia Day42 1601 Australia Day43 1601 Australia Day44 1601 Australia Day45 1601 Australia Day46 1601 Australia Day47 1601 Australia Day48 1601 Australia Day49 1601 Australia Day50 1601 Australia Day51 1601 Australia Day52 1601 Australia Day53 1601 Australia Day54 1601 Australia Day55 1601 Australia Day56 1601 Australia Day57 1601 Australia Day58 1601 Australia Day59 1601 Australia Day60 1601 Australia Day61

1601 Australia Day63

And so another Australia Day draws to a close.. a good time with a few laughs among good friends.. we are a lucky mob…


Australia Day 2015


And so it was, that after quite a few weeks of hot sunny weather we awoke on Australia Day to a dull rainy day which did not look like improving any time soon. But it takes more than that to deter over 110 Allourians from having a party to celebrate our great nation. We simply moved indoors this year.

1501Room2 1501Room1

Once again our residents entered into the spirit of things and many took great care to ensure that they were appropriately dressed for the day.

What a great tie..
What a great tie..
And another great tie
Is that a serviette you are wearing George??
Nice mans hat
Nice hat Rob…
But the ladies were not to be outdone in the hat stakes...
But the ladies were not to be outdone in the hat stakes…
Do you really want me to wear this??
Do you really want me to wear this??
Heather can always be relied on for a great hat..
Heather can always be relied on for a great hat..
Another nice hat
Nice one Jan…

Other residents joined in with their dress…

1501Dress10 1501Dress91501Dress7


But what would Australia Day be without a lamington or two??


And a good barbecue..

1501Barby2 1501Barby1

And very important, the meat raffle..

The raffle committee hard at work.
The raffle committee hard at work.

1501Raffle2.2 1501Raffle2.1

Wes draws the raffle
Wes draws the raffle
And the first winner is Gloria..
And the first winner is Gloria..
John was the second happy winner
John was the second happy winner

Several well dressed animals also got into the act…

1501Bear2 1501Bear1


And the tables were well decorated by some very clever ladies….

Yvonne Roy supplied these hand made table decorations.
Yvonne Roy supplied these hand made paper table decorations.
And Eleanor provided these decorations..
And Eleanor provided these clever flag holders..

1501People9 1501People8 1501People7 1501People6 1501People5 1501People4 1501People3 1501People2 1501People1


A most enjoyable day was had by all.. And the raffle raised over $110, a good result.

Yes we did sing the National Anthem with great gusto, and a few other old favourites as well.. And Wes reminded us how lucky we were to live in this great country with a special poem…

And finally, many thanks to the hard working volunteers who put in such a stirling effort to make this a very special 2015 day..

Your reporter


Australia Day 2014

After a doubtful start to the Day, about 90 Residents enjoyed our Australia Day Celebrations.

Australia Day10

We all sang the national Anthem, followed by a few words from Jim who reminded us of how lucky we are to have such a gathering, safely and peacefully, when in so many other countries this would not be allowed.

The Raffle made  $227.00 and the  prizes were won by John,  Heather, Ann and Elaine.

Thank you Janet for stepping in and running the day so well, with  the help of the usual generous helpers. Julie was unwell on the day. Get well soon Julie!

A Very Enjoyable Day

Here are some more photos;

Australia Day16 Australia Day15 Australia Day14 Australia Day13 Australia Day12 Australia Day11 Australia Day09 Australia Day08 Australia Day07 Australia Day06 Australia Day05 Australia Day04 Australia Day03 Australia Day02 Australia Day01

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