Residents Christmas Events

— 2022–

Village Xmas Lunch

Each year around 120 residents head next door to the Davistown RSL Club for the Annual Village Xmas lunch (covid allowing of course). And so it was again this year.
Your webmaster was not present but some willing volunteers who were there have provided some photographs.

Tony kept the crowd up and dancing well into the afternoon…

Another successful village Xmas Lunch


Street Events

With the further easing of covid restrictions we saw a big return of our smaller individual street, culdesac and block Xmas events. Here are a selection of recent photos from these events;

Stephanies Open House


Staff Santas Lolly Run

Each year the staff do a Santas lolly run around to every apartment and villa…… Always good fun..


— 2021 —

This year a late easing of Covid restrictions saw a good size crowd gather next door at the RSL for our annual Village Xmas Party.
Our Social Committee once again did a great job despite only getting late advice regarding what Covid restrictions might or might not still apply, which no doubt caused a bit of concern. But it all turned out right on the day

A much relieved looking Social Committee

Of course, the raffle ticket sellers were once again at the door to relieve guests of some cash as they arrived.

A local busker pair were engaged to keep the throngs entertained with some pleasant lunch music.

And of course we were joined by our village staff who look after us so well all year.

The RSL has new caterers and the meal met with general approval from guests.

The roast meal…

And here are a selection of photos of the happy revellers;

A great day was had;
…. Well done to our Social Committee for another successful event ….


— 2020 —

There were just over 100 residents this year at the Village Xmas Dinner over at the RSL Club next door…

Unfortunately, your webmaster was not present and, despite requests, there are no photographs to show here on the website.

Covid-19  very much restricted the event this year but the meal was reported as very being good. There was no live entertainment or dancing this year, instead there was a short trivia quiz following the meal.

Lets hope that we can get back to more normal times by next year.


— 2019 —

About 140 residents gathered again in the RSL next door to celebrate the ending of another year. As is now the custom, no one was able to avoid the dedicated raffle ticket sellers at the door, but it was all in a good cause.

Once relieved of a few dollars, everyone was expertly directed to their seats by Rosemary and Gail.

The bar did a nice trade….

And a very nice range of toys was ready for pickup and distribution to needy children for Xmas. Many were produced in our wood workshop while others were purchased and then donated by residents.

Xmas lunch consisted of a range cold meats and salads or hot meat and veggies.. followed by dessert.

It was great to once again see residents and village staff together having a good time….

One sad moment of the day was when we had to say goodbye to our local General Manager, Tim, who is leaving us and moving on to the next chapter of his working life. Tim was very well liked by residents and while he will be missed, we wish him well.

After much anticipation, it was time to draw the winning raffle tickets!!!

The prizes

And here are the lucky winners in the order that their tickets were drawn out;

Winners are certainly grinners!!

To end the day out, Simon entertained and residents responded by hitting the dance floor.

Some serious moves being shown off there.

and a


— 2018 —

Another year is almost over and this time we had 145 residents booked in for a Xmas lunch over at the RSL next door. A warm day once again with some late showers which caught several residents on the way home at the end of the function. By then of course many had consumed a few drinks and probably did not even notice!!!

The Social Committee ladies did a great job once again greeting residents and guiding them to their tables, and of course extracting a few dollars from each for the fund raising raffle.

The Social Committee ladies had also arrived early and had done a great job setting out the tables.

And also as usual, the workshop boys, aided by the craft ladies, had produced a fantastic range of toys for local children in need. Many kind residents had also purchased and donated toys to the communal toy box.
There are going to be some very happy children when they receive one of these gifts for Xmas.

With everyone seated President Colin welcomed everyone to the luncheon.

Area General Manager Tim added his welcome and also thanked the large range of resident volunteers who contribute to a great village life throughout the year.

With the welcome formalities over it was time to eat. Pat steered everyone towards the serving station.

RSL staff were on hand to serve up a very tasty meal.

WOW!!!! That tasted as good as it looks… And of course there was a delicious desert served afterwards.

After the meal it was time for the raffle draw and the large number of prizes meant many happy winners. Here they are… and it was nice to see that several of the staff were successful this year..

Don gathered up the workshop boys and presented the toys and gifts to two lovely ladies representing local Gosford charities that assist people in need. Their genuine appreciation of our efforts was very evident in their speeches of thanks.

Father Xmas made a  surprise appearance at this point and was warmly welcomed.

At last it was TIME TO DANCE and the floor was quickly filled with a rather weird range of dance moves on display…

Hettie once again entertained us with her WALKER WALTZ… she does not like being left out of the fun.

Here is just a sample of residents and staff who enjoyed this years event.. It was nice to see that previous Village Manager, Dale, had joined us.

And all too soon it was time to wander off home… BUT we will be back to do it all again next year..

Well done to all who helped make this another successful village event.


— 2017 —

A nice warm day this year (compared to last year) saw over 160 residents head over to the RSL next door for our annual Residents Xmas Party on Friday 15th December.

Members of the Social Committee and some extra willing helpers were over at the RSL very early in the morning to setup for the event.

All dressed up and ready to go…
Looking good.
Raffle prizes, thanks Barry and others.
Sweet treats..

Before long many hungry residents began to arrive.

But no one escapes the raffle ticket sellers waiting in ambush for them at the entrance door. It was reported by “she that should know” that the raffle raised over $1,000 for residents funds this year… A great result.

With raffle tickets in hand, the next priority was to head to the bar which did a roaring early trade.

Or a “cuppa” was available for those that chose that option..

But lunch was the main event and the staff of the RSL really looked after us and fed us well with a selection of hot and cold choices for mains followed by a choice of desserts.

Tucking in..

The stage was lined with wooden toys made in our workshop during the year. Each year we donate these toys to a local family support charity.

Brian introduced the resident “workers” mainly responsible for producing the toys..
Amber and her helpers gladly accepted them on behalf of the family support charity.


Gary acted as our MC for the day and read out a big welcome to all.

Tim Bentley also welcomed all on behalf of LCA management and, almost as importantly, announced that he had decided to shout the bar which was met with loud cheers.

Tim with the microphone.

After lunch our President Colin added his welcome and thanked the Social Committee for organising the event.

HOORAY…  it was then time for the big man in red to arrive along with his elves..

An elf casting sweets far and wide.
While the elves carried on with their work, Santa spread his cheer around.
AAHHH Santas knee is sure tempting to some.

The last duty for MC Gary was to oversee the raffle draw..

Reg was one of the lucky winners and drew the next ticket..

Our entertaining duo had been playing some quiet background dinner music as we ate lunch but suddenly it was time to wind up the music and get into some real “rock ‘n roll” action on the dance floor

Dawn shows off her dance moves.
So did Mirabell.
We can always count on Hetty to show off her dance moves with her walker.

After wearing ourselves out on the dance floor we eventually ambled homeward, well fed and happy after a another great village event.



— 2016 —

(Unfortunately your webmaster was absent overseas at the time of the 2016 Xmas party and was unable to attend in person. This limited report has therefore been cobbled together using some comments and personal photos from a range of persons who were there and enjoyed the day. Apologies for any omissions or errors!! Carol has been particularly helpful in providing a general summary of the days events which has been used to supplement the photos below. Thanks Carol.)

Grey skies and rain could not stop 165 residents from attending our Annual Xmas lunch at Davistown RSL.


Raffle tickets on sale at the door
Raffle tickets on sale at the door
The bar was all ready to go
The bar was all ready to go


Ian and Carol Made the appropriate announcements
Ian and Carol kept things under control.

Everyone waited patiently to be fed a gourmet buffet lunch including assorted meats, vegetables, salads, condiments and the most delicious prawns.


Our gentleman from the workshop excelled again with a variety of toys including one huge wooden jeep which were donated to charity. Our ladies on the Craft committee decorated the dolls and cots and they looked so pretty. Thank you Ladies.

Amber Gunn from Central Coast shelter presented the village with a certificate of appreciation for all the wonderful gifts that were donated by the residents.

1612-xmas-party07 1612-xmas-party08 1612-xmas-party09 1612-xmas-party10 1612-xmas-party11 1612-xmas-party12 1612-xmas-party13

And the residents settled in for the afternoon
And the residents settled in for a pleasant afternoon


Alloura Staff joined in the fun..

Christine Osgood and Tim Bentley from LCA attended and caught up for a chat with many residents.1612-xmas-party15 1612-xmas-party17

Elaine Dacey once again made the most delicious Xmas cake and it was beautifully decorated by Janet Corbet.

1612-xmas-party18 1612-xmas-party19 1612-xmas-party20

Santa arrived with baskets of lollies and then we moved onto the drawing of the raffles. Brenda won a huge gift hamper and so did Yvonne and Doug. Another 13 raffles were drawn and by 3.30pm most were ready to go home for a little rest while some kicked on for a top up at the Centre.


Santa does his thing..
Santa does his thing..

1612-xmas-party23 1612-xmas-party24 1612-xmas-party25 1612-xmas-party26 1612-xmas-party27 1612-xmas-party28 1612-xmas-party29 1612-xmas-party30 1612-xmas-party31 1612-xmas-party32 1612-xmas-party33 1612-xmas-party34

Once again we were entertained by Tony Remodious, and most enjoyed a dance or two.

1612-xmas-party35 1612-xmas-party36 1612-xmas-party37 1612-xmas-party38 1612-xmas-party39 1612-xmas-party40

Reports were that it was a great day supported by many residents and staff. A special thanks to the ladies on the Social Sub committee for all of their hard work and support on the day.


— 2015 —

The RSL Davistown was once again the venue for our village Xmas Party luncheon.

Well before residents started to arrive the Social SubCommittee were hard at work preparing the venue for the day ahead. And here they are;

Bill & Julie P
Julie ably assisted by Bill
Carol & Joan
Carol & Joan
Ronee with Jan and Rosemary who ran the raffle sales
Ronee with Jan and Rosemary who ran the raffle sales
It wasnt long before they were all set up and ready to go
It was not long before they were all set up and ready to go
1512 Xmas Party04
Nice table setup.. Good job well done…

Thanks gang… Just in time for the arrival of guests..

1512 Xmas Party06 1512 Xmas Party07 1512 Xmas Party08 1512 Xmas Party09

Arriving guests were cleverly steered to the raffle sales desk…

1512 Xmas Party10

A nice range of prizes
A nice range of prizes
And many thanks to Barry for contributing the large hamper of goodies..
And many thanks to Barry for contributing the large hamper of goodies for the raffle..
Julie draws the raffle
One of the lucky winners.

The next stop of course was the bar…
1512 Xmas Party14

Finally all were seated..
1512 Xmas Party15

It has to be said, some were rather disappointed with the quality of the meal that was served this year but Alloura residents are a fun bunch and still enjoyed the day out.

A few can always be relied upon to wear some funny headgear to suit the occasion. Here are some examples;

1512 Xmas Party16 1512 Xmas Party17 1512 Xmas Party18

1512 Xmas Party19
Our staff carer, Peter, really put in a great effort..

A number of staff attended and joined in the fun with the residents..

1512 Xmas Party20 1512 Xmas Party21 1512 Xmas Party22 1512 Xmas Party23 1512 Xmas Party25 1512 Xmas Party26

Here are some more residents enjoying the day;

1512 Xmas Party27
(There is Heather….)

1512 Xmas Party28 1512 Xmas Party29 1512 Xmas Party30 1512 Xmas Party31 1512 Xmas Party32 1512 Xmas Party33 1512 Xmas Party34 1512 Xmas Party35

There were several administrative matters to attend to, not least was the cutting of the Xmas cake. Once again Elaine cooked up a storm which was beautifully decorated by Janet. Well done girls.

The cake
The cake.. what a beauty..
And the cutting by Elaine & Janet..
And the cutting by Elaine & Janet..

Everyone received a slice to try.. YUMM..

A long standing tradition within our village is a range of donations made to various charities to benefit those not as fortunate as ourselves. Our Craft Group make several donations throughout the year and our workshop people toil away all year to produce a large selection of childrens wooden toys to donate in the lead up to Xmas. Also, a large box is placed in the Centre in November into which individuals can donate Xmas gifts.

This year the main Xmas charity was Central Coast Family Support and Amber attended our Xmas function as their representative and to accept the donations.

1512 Xmas Party38

Wooden toys produced by the workshop were displayed on the stage while the large box on the floor was filled with residents and staff individual donations.

1512 Xmas Party39
Amber Gunn on hand to accept the donations on behalf of  Central Coast Family Support…

The workshop crew are assembled on the stage behind the wooden toys, a very talented bunch indeed. While Brenda and Barry do not actually spend much time in the workshop they do make a valuable contribution by sourcing materials that the boys need to complete their projects..

The Quilting group also donated several quilts to raffle as a fund raiser..
Our  Quilting group also donated several quilts to be raffled as a fund raiser..

WELL DONE indeed to the Craft Group, the Workshop Crew, the Quilting Group and the individual residents and staff who donated so generously, you have certainly made someones Xmas much more cheerful.

But naturally, no Xmas function would be complete without a visit from the big man in red himself… and so it came to pass…

Who is that person misbehaving ion front of everyone??
Who is that person misbehaving in front of everyone??
He certainly likes the ladies..
Watch out ladies..
"Now you just behave yourself" says Beth..
“Now you just behave yourself” ..
"Thats my Sister" says Beth.
“Hey you… thats my Sister” says Beth…

1512 Xmas Party45 1512 Xmas Party46

And finally it was time to crank up the music and hit the dance floor..

1512 Xmas Party47 1512 Xmas Party48

Lots of nice moves going on there….

And here are the final group of pictures.. sorry if I missed you out..

1512 Xmas Party49
Hey whats all this????
1512 Xmas Party73
(Second appearance Heather)

1512 Xmas Party50 1512 Xmas Party51 1512 Xmas Party52 1512 Xmas Party53 1512 Xmas Party54 1512 Xmas Party55 1512 Xmas Party56 1512 Xmas Party57 1512 Xmas Party58 1512 Xmas Party59 1512 Xmas Party60 1512 Xmas Party67 1512 Xmas Party66 1512 Xmas Party65 1512 Xmas Party64 1512 Xmas Party63 1512 Xmas Party62 1512 Xmas Party61 1512 Xmas Party68 1512 Xmas Party69 1512 Xmas Party70 1512 Xmas Party71 1512 Xmas Party72 1512 Xmas Party74 1512 Xmas Party75 1512 Xmas Party76 1512 Xmas Party77 1512 Xmas Party78 1512 Xmas Party79 1512 Xmas Party80 1512 Xmas Party81 1512 Xmas Party82 1512 Xmas Party83 1512 Xmas Party84

A great day out.. lots of laughs and good company what more could one want…..

— A VERY MERRY XMAS to you all —


— 2014 —

 RSL Davistown Centre Stage with donated gifts and toys from   residents and workshop for the Central Coast Family Support Group 
DSCN4677 (800x600)

The Table setting looked inviting  all work done by the   Social Club of Alloura Waters            
DSCN4678 (800x600) (4) (800x600)


DSCN4698 (800x600) Residents arriving 

DSCN4681 (800x600)

DSCN4691 (800x600)

DSCN4713 (800x600)

DSCN4712 (800x600)

DSCN4709 (800x600)

DSCN4717 (800x600)

DSCN4847 (800x600)

DSCN4720 (800x600)

DSCN4722 (800x600)

DSCN4724 (800x600)

DSCN4727 (800x600)

DSCN4770 (800x600)

DSCN4728 (800x600)

DSCN4732 (800x600)

The waiting queue  to buy a drink

DSCN4734 (800x600)

 DSCN4735 (800x600)

The raffle  was well attended, we all did buy tickets
DSCN4745 (800x600)

I think this is the wrong glass

DSCN4786 (800x600)

More Water please 

DSCN4785 (800x600)

DSCN4848 (800x600)

DSCN4819 (800x600)

DSCN4830 (800x600)

DSCN4843 (800x600)

Manager Garry Spencer 

DSCN4793 (800x600)

Brian Paton our President

DSCN4779 (800x600)The volunteers of the workshop are presenting the gifts to The Central Coast Family Support Group[ 

DSCN4833 (800x600)

Hugs for the ones  who deserve this

The Photo of the  cutting of the Cake  did not make this  Page because,  the photographer was distracted 

DSCN4809 (800x600)

The Dancing begins

DSCN4873 (800x600)

DSCN4855 (800x600)

There are 3 Dancing Queens in our Village

DSCN4875 (800x600)

Even a Walking stick is NO Handicap

DSCN4874 (800x600)

DSCN4856 (800x600)

Santa finally Arrived  He looked a bit like Bill !!!!

 DSCN4880 (800x600)

DSCN4882 (800x600)

The Entainer Tony Remedious did an excellent job by playing the right Music and singing with his warm sexy voice 

DSCN4683 (800x600)


4 thoughts on “Residents Christmas Events

  1. We both really enjoyed our first Alloura Xmas Lunch.
    Thank you to all the hard workers,a great job.
    Merry Xmas to you all.


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