Soup Day


So with things basically back to normal in these post-covid times we once again held our Annual Soup Day, it was a great success with a big crowd of residents enjoying some yummy soups, good company and great music from our very own in-house “Gunnadoers” band. Am I just getting used to them?? Or are they actually improving with each event??

We had the usual wide range of soups to sample, 19 in all with only two the same as far as I recall.

Ladles at the ready Ladies…..

Yochem seems to have his eye on one particular piece of crusty bread… but he had better be quick..

Ah yes… lovely hot soup and crusty bread on a winters day, what could be better.

Barbara is wondering if it is something she said, the bar seems to be unusually deserted. But they will of course soon be back.

Here are the four lucky door prize winners on the day.

After enjoying several serves of hot soup it was time to lean back and enjoy some great music by the “Gunnadoers”. The first bracket was performed by Peter, Paul and Mary.

Thats Peter on guitar, Paul on drums and….. errrr…. well.. perhaps you can work out the rest for yourself.

Much well deserved applause at the end of the show….

Well done to the 19 residents that cooked up and donated the soups, the Social Committee ladies that work so hard, the guys that gave a hand and of course the 90 plus residents that turned up to make it another great day in our great village..

And we will be back next year to do it all over again



Hooray!!! Covid restrictions did not cause us to cancel Soup Day this year.. So on Sunday 20th June 2021 a very large crowd gathered once again in the Centre for a great “get together” and sample some amazing soups. It was even a wet, cold and miserable day outside.. just perfect for a soup day.

210 soup day1

Carol guarded the entrance and collected the $5 admission donation which entitled us to sample as many of the delicious soups on offer as we wished.

210 soup day2

210 soup day3

Rosemary heads up the Social Committee who organised the day

210 soup day14

And here are the happy workers who put it all together

210 soup day4

210 soup day5210 soup day6210 soup day7210 soup day8210 soup day9210 soup day10

Of course no event in our Centre can be held without the traditional raffle. And here are todays lucky winners.

210 soup day11   Richard was certainly happy with his first prize 210 soup day12210 soup day13

So that was our 2021 Soup Day.. it certainly is wonderful not having to worry about Covid restrictions interrupting our events, finger crossed that it stays that way.




Sunday 16th June was a very dull and cold day, ideal for our annual soup day in the Centre. The 20 varieties of soups were prepared and donated by kind residents and a $5 donation to our residents fund gave over 90 residents access to try as many of the soups as they wished.

The ladies of the Social Committee were hard at work early getting everything ready, ably assisted by some male residents where a little bit of extra muscle was needed.

There were 20 varieties of soups on offer…
And plenty of crusty bread.
As well as tea and coffee for those that wanted it..

The assembled crowd waited patiently for the “starters gun”, and before long it was time to eat.

Barry really enjoyed his soup.
Joy won the lucky door prize.

Once again, a very enjoyable day which raised over $400 for our residents fund.



Sunday 17th June was a sunny but chilly day this year, and what better time is there to enjoy some hot soup for lunch in good company?? A total of 93 residents and family members agreed and came along to sample the 21 or so varieties of soup that were on offer, all cooked and donated by kindly residents.

Social Committee members hard at work setting up

A $5 donation to the Residents Fund entitled unlimited sampling of the soups and crusty bread on offer.

Soups to the left of us…
Soups to the right of us..
And lots of crusty bread roll in front of us..

This year Kathy and Leonie were the “gate guards” collecting entry donations.

Suddenly the place was packed out with hungry residents. It was great to see not only residents but also members of their families as well joining in..

One of our ex residents, Heather, made a surprise and welcome return to see us with her son.

A highlight of the day was the drawing of the quilt raffle, with proceeds going to the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal for 2018.

Raffle ticket sales raised around $170 while the villages quilting group made a further donation of $130 to make a total of $300 going towards the Red Shield Appeal.
Well done to the quilters group.

And the raffle winner was….. Hazel….. congratulations to her.

Our annual soup day remains a very popular event within our village so we will do it all again next year.


The webmaster was away on holiday from the village in June this year and was sad to have missed out on the annual village SOUP DAY.. He does love a good drop of soup.. But all was not lost as others supplied some photographs of the day along with a few  details… Thanks to those that assisted..

Once again Pat was on duty at the door collecting the entry fee, this time assisted by Leonie.. Much needed funds going to a very good cause..

Adding to the day was some entertainment by our very own resident musicians ably assisted by several invited guests.

Love the head gear.

Meanwhile, Social Committee people were hard at work out in the kitchen..

Did I remember to add the cream???

A good range of soups was donated by many residents and enjoyed by all.. Looks YUM!!!!

Bob enjoys a good hearty soup and a some crunchy bread..

But of course the success of the day relies on patronage by residents. Here are just a few of the faces..

I am envious.. but there is always next year to look forward to..


This year, on Sunday 19th June 2016, our Social Committee ladies once again hosted another successful Soup Day in our Centre. The well proven format was kept and the return of approximately 100 residents attests to the ongoing popularity of this event.

Speaking of following a tried and true formula, just how did the Social Committee, once again, arrange for a horrible rainy Sunday. It was absolutely ideal weather for staying inside and having a nice cup of hot soup.

As explained last year, the idea is to have volunteer residents donate pots of their favourite soup and then, for a small entry fee, other residents can sample as many varieties of soup as they wish. This is a fund raiser of course, to bolster our resident funds.

The Centre is all setup for the day
The Centre is all setup for the day

1606 Soup Day05

Two rows of soup pots, 23 pots in all..
Two rows of slow cookers, 23 cookers in total. Most had different recipes to try out..
Hang on, one [pot is still coming.
Hang on, one cooker is still coming.
1606 Soup Day10
OOPS.. sorry, I forgot to add the corn

1606 Soup Day11

1606 Soup Day09 1606 Soup Day08

There were all of the usual favourites as well as some quite rare ones..

No that is not a misprint, that is what the maker calls it..
No that is not a misprint, the maker says it is made from whatever is in the fridge…
Pat and Hilde guard the entrance
Pat and Hilde guard the entrance as residents arrive.

1606 Soup Day14 1606 Soup Day15

after paying up, entrance is granted..
But after relieving them of a few dollars, entry is quickly granted..
Our ladle ladies take the chance for a quick drink (or two) before going to work.
Our ladle ladies take the chance for a quick drink (or two) before going to work.
But they are soon hard at it..
But they are soon hard at it..
1606 Soup Day20
The bar staff once again made sure that everyone was well served with drinks.

1606 Soup Day19

Alan and Kevern assisted the ladies with some lifting muscle where required.
Alan and Kevern assisted the ladies where required.
Ok.. were all here, lets get this show on the road..
Ok.. were all here, lets get this show on the road..

And so with much slurping of soups and much social chitchat we all settled down to enjoy this years Soup Day event.

1606 Soup Day23 1606 Soup Day24 1606 Soup Day25 1606 Soup Day26 1606 Soup Day27 1606 Soup Day28

HHMM.. not much soup eating seen as yet…

1606 Soup Day29 1606 Soup Day30 1606 Soup Day31 1606 Soup Day32

Ah, here we go..

Beth and Hettie were getting in the swing..
Beth and Hettie were getting in the swing..

1606 Soup Day34 1606 Soup Day35 1606 Soup Day36 1606 Soup Day37 1606 Soup Day38 1606 Soup Day39

You may well doubt it but everyone was really eating the soups as well as drinking..

1606 Soup Day40 1606 Soup Day41 1606 Soup Day42 1606 Soup Day43 1606 Soup Day44 1606 Soup Day45 1606 Soup Day46 1606 Soup Day47 1606 Soup Day48 1606 Soup Day49

Ah, here are some more enjoying soup..

1606 Soup Day50 1606 Soup Day51 1606 Soup Day52 1606 Soup Day53 1606 Soup Day54 1606 Soup Day55 1606 Soup Day56 1606 Soup Day57 1606 Soup Day58 1606 Soup Day59 1606 Soup Day60 1606 Soup Day61 1606 Soup Day62 1606 Soup Day63 1606 Soup Day64

So that was Soup Day 2016. No doubt everyone will be back again next year to do it all over again.. Thanks Ladies, it was a most pleasant day spent with good company…



On Sunday, 21st June 2015, a cold and wintry day, what better way to warm up than with a nice hot cup of soup. So it was that over 100 residents gathered in the Community Centre at lunch time for our annual Soup Day.

Basically, the idea is to have volunteer residents donate pots of their favourite soup and then, for a small entry fee, other residents can sample as many varieties of soup as they wish. This is a fund raiser of course, to bolster our resident funds.

The first step is to pay the entry fee and make it past Bill..

What do you mean you can't find my name?? I always come to Soup Day
“But my name must be on your list?? I would never miss a Soup Day…….”
I hope they call us up soon, Im getting hungry..
“I hope they start serving soon, Im really getting hungry……..”
"I hope we have enough for everyone..."
“I just hope we have enough for everyone…”
The Ladle Ladies..
The Ladle Ladies.. Ladles at the ready…….
"OK.. Lets go everyone..."
“Righto everyone…soups on!!!!…”
Gloria and Clive are ready...
Gloria and Clive are ready with their mugs…
And of course the bar is open with Matt and Dave at the ready...
And of course the bar was doing a brisk trade with Matt and Dave also at the ready…

Yum again..


1506 Soup Day10
“YUM!!!!  Ah, thats better…”
Of course we cant have soup without crusty bread...
Of course we cant have soup without a lot of crusty bread…

There was certainly a great range of different soups to try out…

1506 Soup Day16

1506 Soup Day13 1506 Soup Day12 1506 Soup Day14 1506 Soup Day15

(OK, OK, I confess to putting the celery soup sign in the wrong place.. How many of you spotted it??)

Of course, the whole thing would not have been possible without a lot of “back room” work..

1506 Soup Day18

A huge thanks to all of the residents that helped out with their time and/or donations of soup, we could not have done it without you..

WELL DONE, and see you all again next year…..

4 thoughts on “Soup Day

  1. A great effort from all and a wonderful success. Bigger and better than ever.
    Super prompt reporting from Kevern as always. Another person doing a much appreciated job brilliantly.

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