Tuesday Night Dinners

(Once per month a semi-formal evening dinner is held in the Community Centre and is hosted by one of our residents. An outside professional caterer is engaged for these functions. Here are some sample reports from these events……. )

May 2021

And here are a few more photos of happy diners at this months event…. thanks Kathleen..

2105 Tuesday Dinner12105 Tuesday Dinner22105 Tuesday Dinner32105 Tuesday Dinner42105 Tuesday Dinner52105 Tuesday Dinner62105 Tuesday Dinner7

April 2021

It has been some time since there was a report on our Tuesday Night Dinner events here in the village, in fact it has been quite a few years even though they have continued on each month.
Covid of course closed the event down for most of 2020 but the Dinners have now returned in 2021 bigger and better than ever. There is a new caterer who, by all reports, is doing a great job and serving great food.
Gloria sent in the some photos and a short report which you will see below;

Gloria wrote;
It was a very social evening and everybody had a “Merry Good Time”. A great job done by Rosemary who hosted this enjoyable April Tuesday night Dinner.

And here are Glorias photographs;

2104 Tuesday Night Dinner12104 Tuesday Night Dinner72104 Tuesday Night Dinner62104 Tuesday Night Dinner52104 Tuesday Night Dinner42104 Tuesday Night Dinner32104 Tuesday Night Dinner2


February 2016

It has been almost a year since this website last reported on one of our regular monthly Tuesday Night Dinners. So here is a well overdue update with a brief report of the February 2016 event.

Thanks go to James D.. for his great camera work shown below.

1602 Tues Dinner01

Residents start early in the afternoon to set up for the evening dinner
Residents start early in the afternoon to set up for the evening dinner
Ready to go
Ready to go
The regular outside caterers from Tukka Time at Kincumber
The regular outside caterers from Tukka Time at Kincumber
Did we really eat all of these spring rolls just as an entree??
Did we really eat all of these spring rolls just as an entree??
As usual, our ever efficient bar group are ready to serve..
As usual, our ever efficient bar group were ready to serve..

And here are just a few of the happy diners……

1602 Tues Dinner22 1602 Tues Dinner21 1602 Tues Dinner20 1602 Tues Dinner19 1602 Tues Dinner18 1602 Tues Dinner17 1602 Tues Dinner16 1602 Tues Dinner15 1602 Tues Dinner14 1602 Tues Dinner13 1602 Tues Dinner12 1602 Tues Dinner11 1602 Tues Dinner10 1602 Tues Dinner09 1602 Tues Dinner08 1602 Tues Dinner07

And so, once again, following a lovely meal, a happy well fed and well drunk (hang on, that doesnt sound too good does it??? ) gang of residents headed for home after a pleasant evening out….


 MARCH 2015

It was not actually St Patricks Day but it was close enough for Rosemary, assisted by Wes and a few others, to adopt the theme for her Tuesday Night Dinner held on 10 March.

Our hosts for the night
Our hosts for the night

After a pre dinner sherry in the front lounge served by Wes we all moved to the dining room which had been decorated with the nights theme.

1503 Tuesday dinner06 1503 Tuesday dinner04

Despite a high level of security we did have a few leprechauns sneak in with the invited guests….

1503 Tuesday Dinner08
This is all mine….
1503 Tuesday dinner27
Which tune would you like to hear???

Once again our caterers provided a delicious meal during which Rosemary screened some Irish travelogue DVDs in the background just to maintain the theme….

1503 Tuesday dinner091503 Tuesday dinner20

Many dressed for the theme
Many dressed up for the theme

And the table place mats were a big hit….

And the table place mats were a hit, many being kept as souvenirs..

1503 Tuesday dinner24

And the table place mats were offered as souvenirs of the night...
The table place mats were given away as souvenirs of the night…
Thanking our caterers..
Thanking our caterers for another great meal..

1503 Tuesday dinner19 1503 Tuesday dinner13

The after dinner entertainment was headlined by our own Richard who told a few Irish jokes, gave us a tune on an Irish flute and then sang a few Irish ballads between a verbal tour of some of the more interesting parts of the countryside.

1503 Tuesday dinner28 1503 Tuesday dinner29

Then the second part of the evenings entertainment commenced which ended with many dancing in the aisles…

1503 Tuesday dinner32
Rosemary and Carol give their rendition of the Rooster song

1503 Tuesday dinner30 1503 Tuesday dinner31

Right then, who knows how to do the “chicken dance”???

1503 Tuesday dinner36
Chicken Dancers…
1503 Tuesday dinner34
And more of them..

1503 Tuesday dinner33 1503 Tuesday dinner35

So after a good feed, having been entertained and had a bit of a dance we all toddled off home well satisfied with a very enjoyable evening.

Thanks Rosemary, and thanks to the merry band who assisted her…



The Tuesday night dinner in October 2014 was hosted by Carol and Wayne and they chose a “Black and White” theme for the evening. Residents attending embraced the theme for the evening and “glammed up” very nicely. Some really got into the spirit of the evening and took the opportunity to have a quiet joke, see how many you can spot in the photographs below…..

All ready to go..
All ready to go..
The "Black and White" theme..
The “Black and White” theme..

Pre dinner drinks were held at 6:30….

1410 Tuesday dinner12 1410 Tuesday dinner11 1410 Tuesday dinner10 1410 Tuesday dinner09 1410 Tuesday dinner08 1410 Tuesday dinner07 1410 Tuesday dinner06 1410 Tuesday dinner05

Here are the hosts for the evening, Wayne and Carol.

1410 Tuesday dinner04

And Carol could not resist having a photo taken with this handsome gentleman….

1410 Tuesday dinner03

Then at 7:00 we all moved into the dinning area for the evening meal. The outside caterers once again provided a delicious meal of spring rolls for entree followed by a choice of chicken or steak for mains. Afterwards Carol and Wayne followed this up with a great selection of cheeses  and biscuits, chocolate cake, tea and coffee.

1410 Tuesday dinner13

To top off a great evening Carol organised an old style “singalong” with assistance from the very talented Rosemary on the piano… It had been more than a few years since many of us had heard the “oldie but goodie” selection of songs that were presented so Carol provided us with printouts of the words to help out. This reporter still struggled somewhat but Alan seemed right at home and assisted Carol in providing a lead to us. Well done Alan and Carol.

Rosemary hard at work..
Rosemary hard at work..
1410 Tuesday dinner15
Getting into the spirit of things…

But all good things must come to an end and a very happy, well fed, well watered and well satisfied group of residents headed for home after another great night out in our village. What would we do with out the tireless work of our volunteer residents???

Well done Carol and Wayne

(and nicely done Robbie…..)


JULY 2014

On the 8th July 2014 the Tuesday Night Dinner in our community centre was hosted by Anne and Anne. The residents gathered at 6:30pm for pre dinner drinks before proceeding to their tables at 7:00pm for dinner.

1407 Tuesday night Dinner5

Once again the catering was provided by Tukker Time from Kincumber. Nic and Jan are professional chefs who run a very nice restaurant over at Waterford Retirement Village and also provide a mobile catering service for dinners such as ours.

Nic & Jan hard at work in our kitchen
Nic & Jan hard at work in our kitchen

The menu commenced with minestrone soup and crusty breads which had those present quickly nodding their approval. This was followed by a choice of silverside or fish for the main course, which was equally approved of by the diners. To finish off the meal there was a choice of cheeses and biscuits as well as cake.

1407 Tuesday night Dinner1 1407 Tuesday night Dinner4

The Tuesday night dinners are held once per month and are usually hosted by volunteer residents. They provide the opportunity for all residents to attend a dinner which is professionally catered for with good food, good wine and good company. No wonder they are so popular.

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