Residents Committee and Sub Committees


Residents Committee

Residents Committee President

Executive Vice President  

  Vice President Finance

Vice President Works

Residents Committee Secretary

Forum Secretary


Ordinary Committee Members (4)

Returning Officer- appointed by Forum

Sub committees

Community Centre








The formal Residents Committee and its Subcommittees above are made up of elected resident members who have the task of representing residents interests in the way that the village is operated. In some cases this can involve negotiations and discussions with the village management while in others it  can involve the organising of functions and activities. Members are elected by residents at an Annual General Meeting.

Regular Forums are conducted during which residents are advised of the activities of the Residents Committee and its Sub Committees.

The Residents Committee and its Subcommittees operate in accordance with a Constitution approved by the residents.

Elected Residents Committee members may only serve for a maximum of three years. This restriction does not apply to Sub Committee members except for the Executive Vice Presidents for Finance and Works because they are also members of the Residents Committee.

In addition to the Committees above, there are a number of informal groups with a core of resident volunteers who coordinate specific interest activities such as the computer club, the craft group, the workshop, card games, indoor bowls, bus trips out, etc, for the benefit of all residents.