Xmas Toy Donations

Xmas Toy Donations 2022

Each year during the lead up to Xmas donations of toys come flooding in from our kindhearted residents in support of Central Coast Family Support Group, a most worthwhile local charity.. Each year the donation pile just gets better and better and there is little doubt that some local children in need will have a much happier Xmas as a result.

This year there were several standouts.
Our workshop crew did a great job once again making wooden toys, the photo below shows Brian with his swag of wooden cars.
And an anonymous resident, or perhaps several residents, donated a range of stuffed animal toys, all apparently hand made. Well done to you whoever you are.
Of course, all donations helped to grow the pile and the local charity were very glad to accept them all.

Just have a look at all of those toys laid out for sorting.

The stuffed toys above and others types below.

There are Brians wooden cars at the end of the table.

And here is just one of the residents cars packed tight with toys ready for delivery to Central Coast family Support.

Well done to all residents who donated toys
and helped with the delivery.



We thought that the impact of lockdowns would depress the toy presentation for this year. What a surprise we got when we saw the assembled collection of donated and created toys.
Alloura Waters residents each year donate toys to the Central Coast Community Support Group whose main focus is children under age 12 living in circumstances where support is necessary and appreciated. The created toys are made in the Alloura Waters Workshop.
Sarah Grey, representing CCCSG attends to receive the gifts. She gives residents an insight into the types of families they support and how the gifts are distributed. Rosemary Munro does a great job organising this event and has the assistance of the Social Committee who provide an excellent morning tea.










Well done to all involved