Anzac Day

Anzac Day 2018

Unfortunately, after weeks of perfect weather, Anzac Day 2018 dawned rather dull, grey and with threatening showers. In the end, very little rain actually eventuated but the Social Committee could not take the chance and decided to hold our Anzac Day event inside.

After a hurried dressing of tables inside, our lounge area was ready to receive guests. It was not long before the lounge was filled with a large crowd of residents and their visitors.

The service commenced at 11:00am with an emphasis on the centenary year of the end of World War 1. In particular, the Australian National Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux and the newly established Sir John Monash interpretive Centre in the Somme area of France were discussed at length supported by Videos and photographs. The number of Australian casualties suffered in this area during the war was truly shocking.

The service presentation was a team effort by Kevern, Bev, Joan and John.


Lyn traditionally provides one of her poems on Anzac Day. She did so again this year but as she was away from the village she allowed Joan to read it on her behalf.
Kevern presented a range of informative videos and photographs, Bev told of her fathers time on active service on the western front, John led the gathering in prayer as well as providing some detailed information about Sir John Monash, a noted and very successful Australian military commander of the time.
The service concluded with singing of the National Anthem and a closing prayer led by John.

Joan once again provided the piano support while the Hymns and National Anthem were sung.

It was then time for lunch, a BYO event as is normal on Anzac Day.

It was nice to see Millie with us again for a short while.

Of course no Anzac Day event would be complete without a game of Two Up. Here at Alloura Waters we play a version called “Trevors Two Up” introduced some years ago by Trevor. The rules call for a knock out competition where the participants select either two heads, two tails, or one of each before the “spin” by placing their hands either on their heads or tails or one on each.

Will I win???
More players

Hilde (left) and Dave (right) operate the game. Elaine (centre) ensures that the game continues to be run as her late husband, Trevor, intended and keeps an eye on the original pennies and kip that he first used.

And here are three of our winners, Hettie, Min and Diane. Beth also won but we seem to have lost her photo.

Winners are Grinners

A most enjoyable and successful day honouring those who have served this country and those who paid the ultimate price.

Lest We Forget
Anzac Day 2017

Once again good weather was the order of the day, with a little bit of luck thrown in. The day went well and it was not until everyone was heading home afterwards that the clouds came over and we got a few sprinkles. Well timed indeed.

Barbecues at the ready
Tea and coffee at the ready.

A few arrived early to grab the best spots…

Then the main crowd built up just before 11am for our traditional Remembrance Service

A large crowd assembled in the Centre for the morning Service

Wes led the presentation
A video clip.
Joan recited Lyns Poem and also assisted by playing the piano..

John led the Service and Prayers

And then it was time for lunch so everyone headed outside into the sunshine..

How do I get this open???

Of course it wouldnt be Anzac Day without Dave and Hilde’s two up game.
(played to Alloura rules, heads and Tails)

Place your bets..
And up they go..
Good luck everyone..

After the two up game Bob and Rosemary sprung a musical surprise along with several of their musical friends from outside the village.

Elaine joined in as well.

After a round of appropriate WW2 favourite tunes the “band” launched into some real “toetappers” and soon had the crowd up on their feet….

And so another successful event here in the village drew to a close just as the clouds came over followed by a few sprinkles of rain. We were very lucky…


Anzac Day 2016

Great weather was the order of the day for this Anzac Day, absolutely perfect sunshine with just a light breeze.

Once again the dawn saw many of our residents join several thousand locals from the surrounding area at the RSL next door for a moving service followed by a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage.

Our own commemorative service commenced in our Centre at 11:30am with what seemed like a record crowd. The Auditorium was fully occupied resulting in many residents sitting out at tables in the lounge area. Hopefully everyone was able to see the screen and hear the proceedings. It was most heartening to see the overwhelming support given by residents to this most important day.

Kevern, John and Wes confer prior to the ceremony.
Kevern, John and Wes confer prior to the ceremony.
Welcome to all!!
Welcome to all!!

Kevern welcomed the assembly and outlined the significance of this particular Anzac Day. He also directed attention to two major projects taking place around the Central Coast area, namely the “Spirit of the Anzacs” arts project and the “Poppies on the Skillion” project at Terrigal. He then showed an aerial overfly video of the Skillion poppies taken by a “drone” aircraft.

The "Spirit" project
The “Spirit” project
The "Poppies" project
The “Poppies” project

Each Year we have an Anzac Day poem written especially for us by Lyn  but unfortunately Lyn was not with us this year to read it herself. So Joan stepped in and read it on Lyn’s behalf.

Joan reads Lynn's poem
Joan reads Lyn’s poem

Ed also agreed to relate a story and to read a Poem of his own.

Ed at the podium
Ed at the podium

Within our resident group we have a range of people with many talents and life experiences to draw upon. For an occasion such as this we once again called upon our resident Ex-Army Padre, John, to conduct the commemorative service for us.

Padre John
Padre John
Wes presenting the Ode
Wes followed John for the reading of the Ode and playing of the Last Post.
Joan led the assembly in the singing of the National Anthem 
Joan led the assembly in the singing of the National Anthem

The commemorative service concluded with John returning to the podium for the benediction.

Then it was time for lunch and everyone headed outside to enjoy the great weather.

1604 Anzac Day10 1604 Anzac Day11For many the Barbecues were the first stop…

The large crowd
The large crowd filled both the Pavilion and the open courtyard with extra chairs needing to be brought out from the auditorium..

Here are just a few photographs of residents enjoying the day.

1604 Anzac Day13 1604 Anzac Day14 1604 Anzac Day15 1604 Anzac Day16 1604 Anzac Day17 1604 Anzac Day18 1604 Anzac Day19 1604 Anzac Day20 1604 Anzac Day21 1604 Anzac Day22 1604 Anzac Day23

One highlight of the day is Allouras own last man standing version of “Two Up” which is always good for a laugh. The idea is to stand with each hand on either your head or your tail, only those who match the throw of the coins survives to the next throw. Eventually there is only one person remaining and they are the “last man standing” winner of that particular game.

Many thought that the coins were "dodgy"...
Many claimed again that the coins were “dodgy”…
The spinner prepares the crowd
Spinner Dave and assistant Hilde prepare the crowd
Come in Spinner
Come in Spinner
1604 Anzac Day28
Hopefulls adopting their positions with a hand on either the head or tail, but what on earth is the lady on the right up to?????

1604 Anzac Day27

No need to brag..
No need to brag..
A real wine lover, he is not giving up his glass for anything..
A real wine lover, he is not giving up his glass for anything..
A real contest going on here
A real contest going on here
"Did you lose?? Oh never mind.."
“Did you lose?? Oh never mind, dont cry..”

Once again, the bar crew did a great job managing to not only to serve the thirsty residents efficiently  but also enthusiastically taking part in the days proceedings.

I think this is a good wine..
I think this is a good wine.. or at least it was…

So ended the second of the four centenary years of the Anzacs involvement in WW1.

Anzac Day 2015

Compared to last year, Anzac Day 2015 dawned as a very pleasant day indeed. Many residents were up very early and headed over to the RSL next door for the  dawn service. They joined a record large crowd from all around the local community.

An impressive dawn breaks over the large crowd.
An impressive dawn breaks over the large crowd of locals at the RSL.
The Rowes
Kev & Joan from the Village

After a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and baked beans, courtesy of the RSL, residents headed home for a short rest before the village activities began in our Community Centre auditorium.

1504 Anzac Day04
Full house around noon for our village Anzac Day Service.

1504 Anzac Day03

Kevern confirmed the importance of the 2015 centenary of the Gallipoli landings with an audio visual segment and  was followed by John, an ex Army Padre and fellow resident, who conducted a memorial service.

1504 Anzac Day051504 Anzac Day06

After the ceremonies inside, the bright sunny day beckoned and residents adjourned outside for lunch.

1504 Anzac Day13 1504 Anzac Day14 1504 Anzac Day16 1504 Anzac Day15

Of course it would not be Anzac Day without a game of two up and our resident expert, Dave Isaacs, sprung into action.

Hhhmm.. now how does this go again..
Hhhmm.. now how does this go again??
Get on with it Dave..
Lets go Dave..
A quick practice
And away we go.. Rebecca on the right of the photo was a big winner.
Chose two heads, two tails or one of each..
Chose two heads, two tails or one of each in a knock out competition..

1504 Anzac Day12

Followed by a little bit more socialising…1504 Anzac Day191504 Anzac Day151504 Anzac Day161504 Anzac Day181504 Anzac Day17

By late afternoon, after a long but pleasant day, we began to drift off towards home.

It had been a great sunny day but no sooner had the organisers finished cleaning up than the rain clouds appeared followed by a heavy downpour.. talk about timing… we could not have asked for better.

Anzac Day 2014

Friday morning it was pouring rain so our lovely clean Pavilion chairs would not be used today. Thanks mainly to Bob and his gerny for the sparkling outdoor area which we now have.  So on to Plan B and into our cosy Community Centre.

Wes giving his address
Wes giving his address

1404 Anzac Day2

An audio-visual of the bombing of Darwin was shown at Noon. Thanks to Ian for supplying this to Wes who led us in a moving service. We then enjoyed lunch together and lots of “chat”.

1404 Anzac Day6

1404 Anzac Day3

1404 Anzac Day4

1404 Anzac Day5

1404 Anzac Day71404 Anzac Day8

Our “Trevor Dacey Memorial 2UP” game was then held with lots of laughing residents with hands on heads or tails or both hoping to win a bottle of wine.  Thank you to Hilde and David for their enthusiastic spinning and calling. Also thanks to the Hospitality team.

We think everyone enjoyed the day, as we thought nobody seemed to want to go home as we were so comfortable and enjoying the good company.

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