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CoronaVirus Precautions

** Please note that the Alloura Waters Retirement Village is abiding by coronavirus safety rules and restrictions as determined by Federal and State Authorities and varied from time to time. After the initial lockdown came into effect there was almost no social activity within the Village for many weeks and therefore there was very little to report on here on our website.

LATEST COVID-19 NEWS: Updated 16 July 2020

Commencing 1st June 2020, there was some easing of the lockdown requirements with Clubs, Pubs, etc, opening for limited trade. In line with this easing, our own Community Centre opened with some activities taking place under strict social distancing rules and limited numbers of people attending.
Several Committees have commenced face to face meetings for the first time in several months, Movies have been scheduled in July, the Computer Club is holding meetings in the Auditorium and the Hospitality Committee has commenced regular Happy Hours with the bar open from the 5th June onwards. Other groups are considering their options for starting up limited activities again.
Taking advantage of the lockdown, there has been a range of maintenance work completed within our Centre. There has been a complete repaint of the Centre and the kitchen has been refurbished..
Thankfully, the Village remains clear of any Corona Virus contamination.

An aerial view of our village.
Aerial photo provided by Wes Palmer, http://www.skyepics.com.au
The red pin marks our location
The red pin shows the village location

Alloura Waters is a Living Choice retirement village located at Davistown on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales.

A Brief History and General Overview

In 1988 Alloura Waters Pty Limited purchased, from the Davistown RSL Club, the land on which the village now stands. Stage 1 of the village welcomed its first residents in May 1991.

Before building commenced..
Before building commenced.. The RSL is seen alongside the water..

Between 1990 and 1996 the company built nearly seven stages of the village and new owners, Central Coast Retirement, (later renamed Living Choice Australia) finished off Stage 7 and built the remaining four stages, the Waterfront Apartments being the last stage finished in 2002. Today our village has 200 apartments/villas and nearly 300 residents.

The Main entrance and apartments
The Main entrance and apartments
1407 Entrance and Villas2
Typical Villas
Waterfront Apartments
Waterfront Apartments
Waterfront Garden
Waterfront Garden

The original owner of the village encouraged residents to be involved in the running of the village so that today we have an elected Residents’ Committee with eight sub-committees – Community Centre, Finance, Garden, Hospitality, Library, Travel, Social and Works. We also have many activity groups such as Art, Cards, Computer, Craft, Mah Jong, Quilting, Music, Snooker, Workshop, Indoor Bowls, etc. A residents’ Forum meeting is held once a month where residents can ask questions or express views. The village has a well-stocked Library which is kept up-to-date by the purchase of the latest books. Many residents also donate books to the Library. There is also an extensive DVD library containing some of the latest movies from which residents can borrow for viewing in their own homes.

In November 2000 a new Community Centre was opened. An indoor heated pool and spa was included in the new Centre.

The village has a monthly news letter – Alloura Waters And Residents Events (AWARE) which keeps residents in touch with what is happening in the village. There is also a dedicated in-house television channel which residents can use to see “Whats On”.

The Social Sub-Committee organises many events for residents during the year; monthly dinners and barbecues, celebrations of Australia Day, Anzac Day and Melbourne Cup, concerts, fashion parades, monthly films and special events.

The village has a staff of gardeners, maintenance workers, office workers and a Nurses and Carers group who provide a 24 hour/7 day service to residents. Each residence is equipped with several emergency buttons strategically placed in villas and apartments which, when pushed, summon a nurse or carer within minutes as well as alerting an outside medical alert organisation.

More detail on the village can be found on the various pages of this website which is maintained by the residents, for the residents of Alloura Waters..