Fashion Parades


Donna Lou fashions visited the village on Friday the 23rd September and, thanks to our lovely models on the day, sales were exceptional.

1609-fashion-parade01 1609-fashion-parade02 1609-fashion-parade03 1609-fashion-parade04

There were 60 ladies in attendance who enjoyed the parade of clothes by Martina,  Gloria, Brenda, Bev and Jan.

Debbie the presenter claimed it was the best day ever.

1609-fashion-parade06 1609-fashion-parade07 1609-fashion-parade08

Carol Peel introduced Debbie and started the parade
Carol introduced Debbie and started the parade.
Debbie hard at work..


Bev struts her stuff
Bev struts her stuff


Brenda enjoys these days
Brenda enjoys these days.


Gloria always has a smile for all
Gloria is a regular..


Jan looks as if she has done this sort of thing before..
Jan looks as if she has done this sort of thing before..


Martina also has some good moves.
Martina also has some good moves.

Thank you to our lovely ladies for their time to make the day a success.
Elaine Dacey won the lucky door prize ,a voucher to spend from Donna Lou.

Another successful day in the village. Thanks once again to Donna Lou..



The 2015 fashion parade was held in April and is always a popular event on the village calendar..

Customers wait eagerly for the start
Customers wait eagerly for the start.
The host commences the show
The Donna-Lou Fashion Parade commences..

1504 Fashion Show04

1504 Fashion Show05

1504 Fashion Show03
Our resident models were in top form once again.
1504 Fashion Show11
looking good Carol..

1504 Fashion Show13 1504 Fashion Show12 1504 Fashion Show10 1504 Fashion Show09 1504 Fashion Show08 1504 Fashion Show07

1504 Fashion Show06

Our models took a final bow..
Our resident models take a final bow..

Well done girls.. and thanks you Donna-Lou for conducting the event….



In August a fashion parade was held in the Community Centre and here is Martina report  of the event…..

DSCN3741There was quite a variety of colours and styles for the new spring season

DSCN3744Brenda our experienced  model

DSCN3743Jan has found a new skill ….. modeling

DSCN3746Martina was not so sure…..

DSCN3749Gloria could have been a professional model


DSCN3750Nice black pants, handy to have in the wardrobe



DSCN3755Gloria did see another top she liked

DSCN3757Jan did look like Summer

DSCN3758Brenda is going on a day outing


DSCN3759going to friends






DSCN3772easy to wear

DSCN3773DSCN3776We had a good Day with lots of fun

And what a bunch of glamourous models we had.. well done girls..Thanks Martina (and Jochem for his wonderful camera work too).

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