Bastille Day

2020 Update

It has been several years since we held our last Bastille Day event in the village. Our last resident of French origin, Yvonne Roy has now left the village and gone into full time care so Bastille Day celebrations may well be a thing of the past.  They were fun while they lasted.



Bonjour once again..

We seem to do something different each year to celebrate Bastille Day and this year it was decided to hold a morning tea followed by the showing of a french movie. Yvonne, our resident of french origin was present but unfortunately Renee was not able to attend this year.


Yvonne contributed to the display table.

Our little friend was also present once again..
Our little friend was also present once again..

While there was no admittance fee, few were able to escape our determined raffle ticket sellers, suitable attired.

1607 Bastille Day04 1607 Bastille Day05

We should all be putting on weight here in the village. It only takes a quick call to residents to bring a plate of food and we have a great selection of delicious morsels to try.

Yum Yum
Yum Yum

1607 Bastille Day10

Not only did Yvonne contribute to the display table but she also made available her vast collection of owl figures collected from all over the world which attracted much attention. These were displayed on the two top shelves behind the food tables, temporarily replacing some of the workshop products

1607 Bastille Day09 1607 Bastille Day06

There was much red, white and blue to be seen.
There was much red, white and blue to be seen.

1607 Bastille Day13 1607 Bastille Day17 1607 Bastille Day16 1607 Bastille Day15 1607 Bastille Day14

1607 Bastille Day20

Wes has a birthday on this day so of course we had to recognise his 89th year.

1607 Bastille Day19 1607 Bastille Day18

Our lucky raffle winners.. french wine naturally.

When everyone had finished enjoying their morning tea we all adjourned to the auditorium for the showing of the movie. But first we all sang the French National Anthem, La Marseillaise, led by our own John P with Joan on the piano.

John and Joan prepare.
John and Joan prepare.

1607 Bastille Day22

This was followed by the movie “The Belier Family”, a recent award winning french movie with english subtitles. But we had no problem following the plot.

1607 Bastille Day23
The movie

A most enjoyable day was had by all… I wonder what we will do next year??


Bonjour everyone,

This year it was decided to celebrate Bastille Day with a formal dinner. It became the theme for our monthly Tuesday Night Dinner for July 2015 and once again, Yvonne and Renee, our residents of french origin, were admirable hosts.

1507 Bastille Dinner01
The Social Committee hard at work

There was a lot of activity during the afternoon as the Social Committee transformed our Centre with a lot of red white and blue decorations.

1507 Bastille Dinner02

Even the usual fund raising raffle had a french theme.. (Love the little man guarding the wine…)

That evening a large crowd attested to the popularity of our annual Bastille Day c elebrations.

That evening a large crowd assembled which speaks to the popularity of our annual Bastille Day celebrations. And of course our residents can always be relied upon to “dress up” for such an occasion.

1507 Bastille Dinner04
Il est si beau
1507 Bastille Dinner06
Quelle belle fille
1507 Bastille Dinner05
Un autre bel homme
1507 Bastille Dinner07
Mon Dieu , qui est cet homme à la recherche acharnée
1507 Bastille Dinner09
Un couple heureux
Tony insists that he is a "french dock Worker"..
Tony is a “travailleur quai”
Eh bien fait Anita
Eh bien fait Anita
Helen has on her french apron from Paris.
Helen has on her “tablier français”
Heather caractère
Heather caractère
Reg et Pauline joindre à
Reg et Pauline joindre à
Jan et George rejoindre aussi dans
Jan et George rejoindre aussi dans
Our hosts, Yvonne and Renee
Our hosts, Yvonne and Renee
Renee , vieux smoothy
Renee , vieux smoothy…

Here are some more attendees…….

1507 Bastille Dinner08

1507 Bastille Dinner21 1507 Bastille Dinner23 1507 Bastille Dinner24 1507 Bastille Dinner25

Of course it could not all happen without the hard work put in by the caterers and our volunteer staff acting as waiters….. Here they are hard at work in the kitchen..

1507 Bastille Dinner18 1507 Bastille Dinner19 1507 Bastille Dinner20

Yes, the menu was french based…..

Bon appétit !
Bon appétit !

So after a great night out a well fed crowd headed for home and vowed to be back again next year for another Bastille Day celebration..

(Your reporter apologises in advance for all of the french translations above.. and do not ask me what was said, I will leave that for you to work out…)




What a wonderful time we had over in the community centre on the 14th July 2014 where we celebrated Bastille Day. Yvonne and Renne, our residents of french origin, were both our hosts and our honoured guests for an afternoon tea.

1407 Bastille Day23
Paris, France.. Bastille Day

While Paris may have celebrated with their Eiffel Tower, we had our own Eiffel Tower here which was kindly provided by John.. What a beauty!!!

Is it really constructed from matchsticks??
Is it really constructed from matchsticks??
1407 Bastille Day22
Yvonne and Renee show their approval

Yvonne also provided a few of her own treasured items from France for us to view, in particular her model of the hospital in her old home town.

1407 Bastille Day03
The hospital model…

1407 Bastille Day02

The afternoon began with us assembling in the auditorium where we all joined in and sang the French National Anthem, La Marseillaise, led by our own John who was quite suitably attired. John was accompanied on the piano by Joan. I didnt know that so many of our residents could sing so well in the french language..

John Pearson
John looking very much the part..
John leading the singing of La Marseillaise..
John addressing the assembled crowd.
Yvonne thanking everyone for coming along and helping to celebrate this special day...
Yvonne thanking everyone for coming along and helping to celebrate this special day…

After the formal part of the day, we all settled down to enjoy the movie “Gigi”, an oldie but a goodie and quite appropriate…

This was followed by what must be one of the best afternoon teas this year, although our wonderful social committee volunteers always do us proud. Have a look at some of these yummy french pastries and gateau…

How about those swans???
How about those swans???
More swans!!!
More swans!!!
And the Gateau..
And the Gateau..

Of course it would not have happened without some very hard working volunteers. Here are just two of them..

Carol & Rosemary (said with a french accent)
Carol & Rosemary (must be said with a french accent)
Coffee or tea...
Coffee or tea says Pat…
Oh well, maybe just one more then...Merci
Oh well, I shouldnt, but maybe just one more then…Merci
The table place mats.
The table place mats.

1407 Bastille Day20

Oh boy, I just couldnt fit in another pastry..
Oh boy, I dont think I could fit in one more pastry..
1407 Bastille Day21
I could…
And now for thePièce de résistance…

Yes, we did have a Can Can girl there with appropriate stockings, and here is a photo to prove it……..

1407 Bastille Day12
Oh La La…..       (Who is that??)

And I hear you asking “is that appropriate stocking held up by an equally appropriate garter???” Well of course it was…  and here is another photo to prove it..

1407 Bastille Day24

What a great afternoon……

Your Reporter





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  1. Well done Kevern and Martina your web/blog is really coming together really well.
    We wish we were there!

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